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bollywood - hindi cinema
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Review of the week - Dil Pe Mat Le Yaar
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Cast: Tabu, Saurab Shukla, Manoj Bajpai and Adesh Srivasta
Produced By: : Anish Tuli, Ajay Tuli
Story: Saurabh Shukla
Music: Vishal Bharadwaj
Screenplay and Director: Hansal Mehta
Fultoo Rating: 2/5

Please don't take it to your heart (Dil Pe Mat le Yaar). The message is straight and clear from the Director, Hansal Mehta. Let me present you the reactions of Fultoo when he is encountered by a movie lover who is unable to carry the ever mounting burden of inquisitiveness after watching the promos and songs of the movie for so long, rattling out all sorts of vexing an taxing questions at Fultoo.

IML (Inquisitive movie lover): What is that for which you have to cheese out Dil Pe Mat Le Yaar?

Fultoo: Umm Humm, well, aaaa, nnnn nothing.

IML: Now what's 'nothing'

Fultoo: Be Ram Saran Pandey, speak Jaunpuri (a district in the state of Utter Pradesh in India) fall in love with a gorgeous and care free journalist…(before Fultoo could complete)

IML: But a Journalist is I guess an educated lot. How then?

Fultoo: Well, Dil Pe Mat Le Yaar

IML: Ok Ok sorry to interrupt…then

Fultoo: Then what….the Journalist has to pen down something after all who will pay for the palatial Bungalow she is living in under the tutelage of a Watchman!! She is charmed by the uprightness and innocence of RSP (Ram Saran Pandey) and writes a story on him………

IML: But what good did RSP do to impress the Journalist?

Fultoo: Didn't I tell you……….Dil Pe Mat Le Yaar. IML: Oh… Oh….. sorry sir but then?

Fultoo: The poor guy falls in for the advances (minus the obvious connotations) made by the journalist and has a trip over her for which the Journalist almost sends him to Dubai for a trip.

IML: Poor guy

Fultoo: Dil Pe mat Le Yaar…..Failed in love, thrown out of job, the guy desperately wants to go to Dubai to make the mega buck and for that he has to kill a man.

IML: Is that the only way you mean left for him?

Fultoo: Dil Pe Mat Le Yaar

IML: Why do I forget…..don't take it to your hear Sir, please continue

Fultoo: What? The guy kills with an overflow of sweat and tears ( actually a mix of both) and deliberately created tension and turmoil only to discover everyone beside him are charlatans and treacherous.

IML Sir…….

Fultoo: Dil Pe Mat Le Yaar……

IML: Sir………

Fultoo: I am telling you…..the story has so many turning points..oops sorry….turnings only ,that our guy lands up in Dubai finally twisting through all the turns to become a big mafia Don with mobiles ringing all around him and uncountable bodyguards wearing suits having sartorial splendor and…

IML: Siirrrrrrrrr…….. (and IML runs away like a tracer bullet shouting Dil Pe Mat Le Fultoo)

And Fultoo wonders, is that the story lacks any excitement or is it too predictable on all accounts or it doesn't have any substance at all. Why the directors of bollywood are obsessed with one formula to the extent that the end result becomes repulsive. Why actors like Manoj Bajpai get stereotyped or allow themselves to be one? Why there is nothing in the movie that excites you even when actors like Tabu and Bajpai are there? And of everything why this obsession with the life of Bombay which unfortunately for the directors of Bollywood, always appear seamier and gloomy? And will the movie do any good to the box office with insipid editing, ordinary cinematography, an average music score and a woefully dull and highly prejudiced script?)

Suddenly he realizes…..Dil Pe Mat Le Yaar


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