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bollywood - hindi cinema
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Cast: Manisha Koirala, Aditya Seal, Ranvir Shorey, Saroj Bhargav
Director: K. Shashilal Nair
Producer: Paragon Pictures

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This film is about a teenager Aditya(Aditya Seol) who lives with his ageing grandmother in an apartment in Mumbai. The grandmother, though very loving and understanding, is not much of a companion to the growing boy. She is lonely, and so is the boy, and they are lost in their own worlds. As the grandmother grieves over her younger son's departure, the boy's world is filled with a 28-year-old woman (Manisha Koirala) who lives across their apartment. He watches her with a telescope to that extent that he synchronises his life with hers: eats when she eats, sleeps when she sleeps and cries when she cries. But the woman is unaware of his existence. He makes clumsy attempts to steal her attention but in vain.

The boy is jealous of her boyfriend (Ranvir Shorey of Channel [V]), who visits her often. And one day he confesses his love to her that he had been watching her and is privy to her intimate life, leaving her stunned. But, things do not end here.


In an attempt to make the movie natural the director made it boring and stale. Though the story can be narrated in a decent manner with out the controversial scenes the director seems to add them to attract the masses. Manisha koirala looked fat and old with wrinkles around her eyes. The only novelty in this movie is showing Manisha with out make-up and in costumes that make her look fat and ugly. Manisha seems to lost track of what her body double is doing and what she is supposed to portray about the character. Aditya Seal looked natural and naïve for the teenage character. But his character does not create any impression on the audience neither empathy nor dislike.


The movie stands between an art film and a mass film. People who are lured to this movie because of the controversial scenes will be bored with the movie and so does the people who see it otherwise. The director starts the movie on a note to deal with human relationships at a higher level but he lost track of what he really wants to portray. The director failed to establish the characters in a way that the audience can empathize with it. As a result in the end when the movie is over the audience will be blank not able to perceive what they saw.

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