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Review of the week - Style
Punch Line: What's stylish about it?
Click here for more reviews - By Radhika

Cast: Sherman Joshi, Sahil Khan, Riya, Shilpi, Tara Deshpande & Varsha
Director: N Chandra

One look at the film would make one wonder about the aptness of the title. Revolving around the story of two middle class boys who want to get rich, the story lacks the necessary panache. The film begins with a scheming girl (Tara Deshpande) trying to burn herself and implicate her in-laws in a dowry case. She succeeds with the help of her friend who gives false evidence and her in-laws are sentenced to imprisonment.

Fast forward and the story moves on to two friends Chantu (Saahil Khan) and Bantu (Sharman Joshi) who do everything else in college except attending classes. Life is an adventure and so they go about doing things their own way. Through lies and deceit they solve the students' problems and in the bargain bulldoze the students for rich gifts. Enter Sheena (Riya Sen) and Rani(Shilpi Mudgal) in college. After the usual bouts of ragging they realize that these two are rich. So they start to patao them. And you wonder where there is a link between the 'dowry' victim (who is now a P.T. teacher in the same college) and the story.

The boys in their attempts to woo the girls also impersonate as Reshma and Rosa in women's garb.

The girls fall in love and the movie is interspersed with the usual song and dances. Reshma is in fact Tara Deshpande's sister-in-law. Then the story takes a turn and the boys are implicated in the murder of the girls they impersonate. Her friend blackmails Tara and she tries to get the duo drawn in while they do not believe her when she tries to prove herself guilty. Then the mystery drags…

From a fun-loving first half with 'humorous' dialogues, the film gets mired in unnecessary drama and violence leaving you thinking what the director really wanted to depict.

What is style? Being a cool dude and flaunting and flashing Levis, Nike et all and teasting, ragging and playing pranks?

Is college-life all about ragging, romancing and indulging in pranks? What does the director want to show by portraying the actual situation as is prevalent? In the final analysis, he does nothing new except by roping in fresh faces in the cast.

Sharman Joshi does not possess a typical hero's looks but does justice to the role. Saahil has more brawn than brains as compared to Sharman in the role. The girls Riya and Shilpi sport the sultry bimbette looks enhanced by their itsy-bitsy outfits. Even though N. Chandra returns after a considerable hiatus he fails to pull off a winner by this weak story.

Courtesy: The Hindu

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