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Audio release - Oka Oorilo
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9th June 2005
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Audio of Tarun's latest film 'Oka Voorilo' directed by ace poster designer Ramesh Varma was released at a function organized in Padmalaya studios on the morning of 9th June. Dil Raju released the audio at scheduled muhurat of 9:30 am. Devi Sri Prasad made everybody wait for a long time and attended the function at 11 am.

Speaking on this occasion Devi Sri Prasad said, "Ramesh Varma came to me with the poster design of the film with my name written on it. After listening to the subject, I was touch with the emotional content in has. This film is a musical love story with photography and performances of lead artists being the highlights. The 20 year old lyricist Anant Sreeram is an incredibly talented guy. All the songs in this film are written by Anant Sreeram except for hero's introduction song which is penned by me".

Incidentally it is the birthday of producer Addala Chanti. Chanti said, "There are nine songs in this film. Director Ramesh Varma has abundant talent, but a lazy fellow. If he could shed that laziness, he would become a good director. Saloni is an excellent actress. She could cry in emotional scenes of the film without even applying glycerin. Nixon choreographed all the songs in this film. Arjun Jana has done extraordinary work as cinematographer with perfect exposure. Raja is perfect in second half. Chegondi Harirama Jogayya introduced his relative Anant Sreeram. We wanted him to pen one song. We were so much impressed with his work that we ended up with him penning all songs."

Tarun changed his get up. He said, "I always wanted to work with Devi Sri Prasad and my wish is fulfilled with this film. Music is backbone of this tender love story. I liked the heroine's introduction song very much. Photography would enhance the script's content in this film like classic film Geetanjali.

Director Ramesh Varma, heroine Saloni Aswani and Anant Sreeram also spoke during this occasion. Aditya music bought the audio rights.

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