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Kathanayakudu unit celebrates Friendship Day
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August 3, 2008


The unit of Kathanayakudu on Sunday night arranged the Friendship Day function – A Tribute to Friendship - at Whisper Valley, Hyderabad. The film made on Vyjayanti Movies with Ashwini Dutt and Vijaya Kumar jointly producing the Telugu version was released on Aug 1st. It is known that the film's main theme is an eulogy to friendship.

Hero Jagapati Babu, with whom superstar Rajni costarred in a guest role, actress Meena, Ashwini Dutt, P. Vasu, Sunil, Kondavalasa Lakshmana Rao, Gowtham Raju, Ali, Rajitha, Pyramid Saimira representative Mehta were among the unit members, who shared their experiences with the film with particular reference to the Friendship Day.

I felt dazed on seeing Rajni: Sunil
Comedian Sunil said: "I feel it a lifetime achievement having worked with superstar Rajnikanth. I felt dazed when such a great person himself wishing us, raising from his chair and coming towards us. All my efforts were made easy thanks to Vadivelu. I just enacted what he had done in Telugu. I cannot forget the cooperation extended to me by Vasu garu. I am also thrilled to tell you one thing. This is the word from Ramgopal Varma who said: There is one producer who holds charisma on a par with the hero I used to stand in queue lines for getting movie ticket (of any film produced by Dutt). Even today the same thing is happening. That is the craze of Dutt. These words true. I wish all the unit members a very Happy Friendship Day."

I love eyes and voice of Jagapati Babu: Vasu
Director P. Vasu said: "Generally I don't speak much on the stages. Now, I feel nervous. But, the Friendship Day makes me share my views. The making of kathanayakudu happened like an epic. After my discussions with Rajnikanth, we thought a lot about the character who should play the friend to the superstar. Finally, we selected Jagapati Babu. The main reason for selecting Jagapati Babu was that we wanted a fresh face who had not acted with Rajni and who had no much closeness with Rajni, but should be an admirer to him. I very much liked the eyes and voice of Jagapati Babu. He became a very good friend of mine during a very short time. Long back, when I was in Bangalore, Rajni called me to meet him at a hotel. When I went there, I saw the superstar in the company of five ordinary workers with the Road transport department. Rajni introduced them to me and said that his friends were his wealth and everything else was false. He also said that his friends would not come to Chennai, but would make him come to Bangalore. Seen from this backdrop, I am proud be have made Kathanayakudu with friendship as the theme. I am sure, the film is going to be a blockbuster."

Rajni, man of humanism: Jagapati Babu
Jagapati Babu said: "I feel it a great honor to have costarred superstar Rajnikanth. I never believed myself when I was on the sets with him. He is a man of humanism and friendship. Not only in the film, Rajni garu remained very friendly with me on the sets. He is a great philosopher."

Kathanayakudu dedicated to Vyjayanti people - Aswini Dutt
Ashwini Dutt said: "The feeling of friendship is one of the greatest human qualities. I shall ever remember my childhood friends and my nuisance and naughty friends. Friendship is the gift of God. I feel that my responsibility as a producer was accomplished as and when I did a film with the superstar. Vyjayanti Movies did films with NTR, the legend. Now, Rajni garu brought the full-fledged richness to my production house by acting in it. I knew him from the time when I was making Edhuruleni Manishi (with NTR). The hospitality of Rajni garu towards me whenever I go to Chennai gives a moving experience. He is such a great friend of mine. True to this feeling, I am confident that Kathanayakudu is going to be a sensational super hit. The power of friendship in the film brought us good business and we (three producers) shared big money among us. We also told this to IT. Generally, my films will have a shooting schedule of more than 170 days. But, Kathanayakudu was shot in duration of just 82 days, with just 90,000 feet of film. I dedicate the film to all those who are associated with Vyjayanti Movies."

Rajni recognized me: Kondavalasa
Kondavalasa said: "Actually I have a very good friend in my village and I call him Ramudu. Other than this fellow, everybody died. Now, I am Lakshmana. I remember the friendship today. Coming to the film, I say that Rajnikanth is a personification of selfless friendship. He recognized me on the sets and spoke to me very kindly, saying 'hi, you used to be very thin in your films. But you are looking strong now.' The very thought of Rajni garu gives me fillip and I respect friendship as long as I live."

Rajni, friend of mankind: Meena
Meena said: "I am happy to have worked in Telugu film after a long gap. I always consider working with Rajni sir is a great experience. He is a guide, philosopher and a great friend of mankind. Similarly, Jagapati Babu garu is a very friendly person. Without the cooperation of the entire unit, I wouldn't have done the role to its perfect finish in Kathanayakudu. I greet all the unit members and the audience a very happy friendship day."

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