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Kurradu platinum disc function
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November 2, 2009


Platinum disc function of Varun Sandesh's latest movie Kurradu was organized at FNCC on the morning of 2 November. It is attended by Gemini Kiran, Sandeep Gunnam, Varun Sandesh, Anant Sreeram, Madhumita and Achu. Gemini Kiran presented the platinum discs to all the unit members.

Director Sandeep said, "There is good response to the music. We organized platinum disc function because the audio is a big hit. Anant Sreeram penned beautiful lyrics. An item song rendered by Madhumita is going to be the highlight. I would like to thank Gemini Kiran for giving me the opportunity."

Varun Sandesh said, "I was in USA during the music launch of Kurradu as I was shooting for Maro Charitra. The music of Kurradu stormed the radios all over and they played Emantave and Kurralloi repeatedly. People expect romance in my movies. There will be action part apart from romance in Kurradu. I am happy to work in the prestigious Anandi Arts banner. Sandeep Gunnam made sure that Kurradu is clean and neat. Micky and Mani Sharma composed for my films so far. I am happy to get different music from the new music director Achu."

Achu said that his favorite song is Emantave.

Singer Madhumita said that she rendered the introduction song in this movie and the visuals have come out really well.

Kurradu will be releasing all over the world on 12 November.

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