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Vinayakudu releasing on 22 November
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November 15, 2008


Sai Kiran Adivi’s debut film Vinayakudu is all set to release on 22 November. The unit arranged a press meet to reveal further details.

22nd November release – Prem Patra
Producer Prem Patra said, “I am happy to announce that Dil Raju bought the movie rights for Nizam and Vizag and Suresh Productions is distributing for the rest of India. RK Films bought it for USA. 1st copy will be ready by tomorrow and we are going for censoring on Monday. We are aiming at 22 November release. This film started as a small film and became a big film by the time of release due to lot of hype. I would like to thank the media for helping us out to get a good craze.”

Hero Krishnudu said, “I am doing the title role in this film. There is entertainment and proper love story in it.”

Natural comedy and good emotions – Sai Kiran Adivi
Director Sai Kiran Adivi said, “I would like to thank Dil Raju and D Suresh Babu for supporting us in distribution. While working with Sekhar Kammula I realized how hard it is to go against the tide and to promote the film. The corporate tie-ups and media hype helped us to get lot of recognition. Dil Raju commented after watching that it is a cute film. Vinayakudu has natural comedy and good emotions. It will not disappoint anybody.”

Getting good theaters for Vinayakudu - Bhaskar
Bhaskar (Suresh Movie distributors General Manager) said, “I would like to thank the producer Prem Patra for giving us the film to distribute. I saw the film and liked it very much. It will fall into the category of Happy Days, KBL and Bommarillu. We are getting good set of theaters for this class film. Poster designs are also very attractive. Vinayakudu will be very good hit.”

Vinayakudu is a cute film – Dil Raju
Dil Raju said, “I would like to appreciate Prem Kumar for possessing guts to produce a film like Aa Naluguru. When I went to the poster designers Anil-Bhanu to get my Kotha Bangaru Lokam work done, I was impressed with the logo and design concept of Vinayakudu. I enquired them about who was the director. When director Sai Kiran came and asked me to watch the film, I was in two minds. After Happy Days, I am being asked by almost all new filmmakers to watch the film and distribute it. Since, I already had good impression on the concept, I watched the film. First half has good entertainment and the second half has good feel. It is an interesting concept of fat guy falling in love with a hot girl. Vinayakudu is a cute film.”

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