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Success Meet - Okkadunnadu
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March 14, 2007

Success meet of Gopichand - Chandra Sekhar Yeleti’s latest film Okkadunnadu was held at Annapurna studios on the night of 14 March 2007. Here are the excerpts -

Producer Cherry said, “Its been 9 days since Okkadunnadu released. I think this is the good enough time to judge a film’s commercial outcome. Buyers are happy. This film garnered great openings. The collections now are steady. I am expecting better collections after the exams are over. This film is carrying good mouth publicity. Audience are also liking the production values and quality of the film.”

Artist Brahmanandam said, “I knew director Chandu from the days of Little Soldiers since 16 years. I did a wonderful comedy scene in this film. It is very difficult to write such a comedy scene. ‘Telangana eppudu vastundi’ dialogue became very popular in that scene. I knew Cherry for a long time. Ram Gopal Varma presented me with my first car Maruthi 1000 after the release of Money film. It was Cherry who delivered it to me.”

Hero Gopichand said, “Audiences received the novelty point in this film. The screenplay of this film is very tight. There is so much of suspense in the film about what the main lead is going too do. Rerecording is fabulous. I got new set of audiences with this film. I was doubtful about the title initially, but everybody proved that title is an asset to this film.”

Actress Neha Julka said, “People are calling me Gautami after watching this film. Okkadunnadu establishes me as an actress in Telugu film industry. Director Chandra Sekhar gradually built up romance in the film by starting with irritation followed by ignorance and then love. I watched Aithe and AOR and became a fan of him. The screenplay of the film is gripping.”

Writer Siva Koratala said, “Bhadra is my first film as writer. This film my second film and my third film Munna is due for the release soon. When Cherry asked me to write dialogues for this film, I started it without even asking for remuneration as I always wanted to work with Chandra Sekhar Yeleti. I took remuneration before the release of the film. I derived lot of job satisfaction by working for this film.”

Cinematographer Jaya Krishna Gummadi said that this is his 3rd film and 1st successful film. He expressed his happiness over learning new things while working with Chandra Sekhar.

Director Chandra Sekhar Yeleti clarified few doubts expressed by scribes about the film and thanked everybody for making the film a success.

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