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Vinayakudu success meet
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November 28, 2008


Success meet of the latest Telugu release Vinayakudu was held at FNCC on the afternoon of 28 November. Tammareddy Bharadwaja, D Suresh Babu, Krish, Dil Raju and KS Rama Rao attended the success meet as guests. The prominent members of cast and crew also attended this meet.

10 week talk – Prem Patra
Producer Prem Patra said, “I would like to thank everybody who is encouraging the film. This film has got 10 week talk. I am sure that Vinayakudu will run for 100 days. The director suggested a minimum budget, but he crossed the budget to get the good quality. I am very happy for the success of this film.”

KS Rama Rao said, “I could not watch the film as I was busy in Goa regarding the film festival. I am getting nice feedback from distributors and exhibitors. Any film made with creativity will become a hit.”

Tammareddy Bharadwaja said, “Producer Prem produced a film titled Aa Naluguru. I was little suspicious about it during the making. After the release, I ended up watching the film four times. Vinayakudu is also doing well. I would like to appreciate the producer for making a film that appeal to the youth.”

Krish said, “The obese boy and hot girl love is shown in a negative way in most of the films. But the director has shown it in a positive way. I know Krishnudu for the past eight years. I am happy that he became a hero with Vinayakudu.”

D Suresh Babu, “I decided to distribute the film when they narrated the concept during DTS mixing time. The director has lot of maturity and the producer has lot of guts. I am sure that both producer and the director will have a great time ahead in Telugu film industry.”

Dil Raju said, “The basic concept of the film has lot of curiosity value. This film became a hit and I hope they will make many more hits.”

Director Sai Kiran Adivi said, “I did not know anything about marketing. When I narrated the story to the producer and asked him if he could produce, he accepted. All my friends and well-wishers were tensed during the release time. But I had confidence on the film. Hero and heroine got many film offers. But they refused other films for Vinayakudu. I would like to thank everybody who helped me out.”

Krishnudu, Sonia, Poonam Kaur, PG Vinda, Avinash and Surya Teja also spoke during this occasion.

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