Amala Akkineni inspires Oakridgers at Oak JMUN 2017
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28 July 2017

Actress-turned-social activist, Amala Akkineni was given a warm welcome by Oakridgers at the fifth edition of Oak JMUN (Junior Model United Nations2017, which is South India’s largest Middle School MUN conference, organized by Oakridge International School each year.  This conference is an initiative to make the students take the role of global leaders and come-up with promising reforms to current pressing global issues. This year’s conference saw over 350 young delegates participating to create, debate and innovate and come with unique ideas in making a difference in the world.

During the program, Amala Akkineni inspired and motivated the students to become effective leaders and positively influence the society. During the conference, she spoke about animal safety and conservation as well as her inspiring life journey. “I appreciate Oakridge in organizing such an event. I am privileged to be here and share my thoughts. The idea and concept of the whole event is very important because we have only one planet called home and we share this planet with a lot of other species too”, said Amala Akkineni​.​

Speaking on the occasion, Oakridge Principal Arjun Rao said, “Through platforms like JMUN students get to learn so much about the actual happenings across the globe and how different organizations are working to improve the situation. JMUN is not just an event; it is wonderful global learning and discussion platform for the Junior and Middle schoolers.”

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