P.V. Sindhu Shares Her Motivational Journey With the Oakridgers at OakMUN 2017
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14 July 2017

Olympic silver medalist P. V. Sindhu was given a grand welcome by Oakridgers at the OakMUN 2017, which commenced today, 14th July 2017, at HICC, Novotel, Hyderabad. She interacted with the students and shared her motivational story. The event OakMUN, organized by Oakridge International School, is a platform where students of different schools participate in debating, discussing and evaluating world issues.

Speaking on the occasion Ms Sindhu advised the participants to set their goals, work hard, be focused and dedicated towards the goals, be undeterred by setbacks. She said, apart from studies, sports is a good way to be healthy and feel refreshed.

She said, my journey was tough and involved lot of hard work. We used to stay at Secunderabad and the training academy was at Gachibowli, for 6 to 7 years life was extremely tough as I had to commute 56 kms, every day morning and evening, to keep abreast with the schedules. This went on till we shifted nearby to the academy. During this phase and even later, I never thought I will reach here, but went on working towards what I aspired for. As my parents were particular about my education too, I had to concentrate on both simultaneously and here I am today, doing my MBA 2nd year.

Sidhu said, my parents supported and encouraged me all through and that made my journey easier. They both were sportspersons, volleyball players and employed with Railways. They being sportspersons helped me tremendously, as they could relate the ups and downs of a sportsperson and consoled and comforted me when I was on a low and lifted my spirit. They sacrificed a lot for me to reach this stage. In fact my mom gave up her career to take care of me. They never forced me to opt for volleyball, since they were from that sport, instead they supported my decision to play badminton, never interfered in my chosen path and left it to me. They instead were happy that this was an individual sport and not a team sport, where my efforts would reflect on the outcomes. My parents inculcated in me the habit of always being grounded. These values made me realise that a Silver medal at Olympics is just a beginning and also that every day is a new beginning, therefore we need to set new goals and work studiously towards achieving them.

She said, as you grow in stature the responsibility also grows, the expectations grow. Every time Sindhu goes to a tournament, the expectation is that she wins. But it doesn't happen that way. Therefore I believe in giving my best shot and leave it there.

About OAKMUN: This year, more than 400 student delegates from schools across the city are participating at the OAKMUN .In the coming three days, students will be involved in debates, discussions and negotiations as UN delegates from different countries on pressing international policy matters. The agenda for the event is carefully chosen by highly skilled and experienced Executive MUN board.

In 2011, Oakridge initiated its first OakMUN and with each passing year, it has established itself as an excellent platform for students to develop their debating and negotiation skills. OakMUN has proved to be one of the most successful and popular high school conferences in Hyderabad. Above all, OakMUN is a completely student driven program which allows students to develop real world skills of leadership, stakeholder management and organisational skills. Talk by PV Sindhu at the start of the event inspired students to do their best at the conference.

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