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8 November 2019

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Jeevi: Congratulations about the grand success of Brochevarevarura
Sri Vishnu: Thank you

Jeevi: Tell us about Brochevarevarura
Sri Vishnu: Brochevarevarura was supposed to be done before Mental Madhilo with Vivek Athreya but the script was very unique and at the time a lot of people from the production side said it’s better to go with a family type script. Then immediately after Mental Madhilo we wanted to start Brochevarevarura. It took a couple of months for the team to be set. All the people who wanted to be a part of it including actors also except Nivetha got to be in it. It was very happy that it worked out like that; to work out that way is also difficult sometimes. Luckily it worked out for our team.

Jeevi: Commercially also the movie was a good hit
Sri Vishnu: Yes.

Jeevi: Probably biggest hit in your career. How did Tippara Meesam film start?
Sri Vishnu: Actually right after Asura we were supposed to start this film but before that Appatlo Okadundevadu and NNOZ – I was already committed to these two projects. Same team so we thought of doing it later. That slowly started going forward. After all those we started shooting this alongside Brochevarevarura

Jeevi: Till now you’ve done characters which bring out sympathy. You’ve not really done rebel type of characters so this is the first time you are doing a role with some negative shades. The relationship with the mother is also negative so what can you tell us about the film before the release?
Sri Vishnu: Before release as in, we try to tell about the greatness of mother’s love. Mother’s love is one thing that always increases over time and never decreases. For us everything changes as we age but for a mother the love on their children never decreases, it always increases or it will stay the same. In some ages we don’t understand their greatness. We could have a lot of tensions – job tensions, or a desire to grow, business tensions, so many different kinds, education. As we are growing no matter what pressure we have from the outside we show it on those at home. We are sure that our mother is anyway not going to leave us so we usually tend to talk reverse; of course they feel bad but immediately the bonding comes back and they are back to normal. In this film we talk about the greatness of that bond. So the greatness of mother’s love is the undercurrent. The characterisation is also quite new. I play a DJ who works in a night club, so his life and habits show him a bit hard because till now I’ve only done boy-next-door type roles. I’ll look more serious.

Jeevi: So this is more about mother sentiment?
Sri Vishnu: We usually show outside frustration at home so only at home he behaves aggressively. Normally he also has a life, earnings, girl friend. So he has his own life.

Jeevi: What is the justification for the title? Pride moment?
Sri Vishnu: We think it’s a powerful thing and only mass people should do it. The title connects like that but a moustache is a man’s responsibility and if he correctly fulfils it then the pride is Tippara Meesam.

Jeevi: The trailer is showing one image about the character but your explanation makes it sound very different. So what should we expect? The trailer is very hard hitting so will the cinema have softness?
Sri Vishnu: The film will have some softness, not a lot but some. The film has some more elements other than what the trailer shows, some interesting elements that our cinema hasn’t really tried yet. In this film with mother emotions, for those elements to set well was quite lucky. It was great to have that opportunity because they will definitely give the audience a new experience.

Jeevi: I have a doubt. I know the director very well. He is a very soft person and so are you by nature so both of you together doing this type of film is surprising.
Sri Vishnu: Everyone who knows us first saw the teaser; before that we didn’t discuss the story with anyone, there were no photo-shoots shown etc. People were saying is it actually Vijay? Because he is so soft and he made this. A lot of people also asked me actually. He is soft but ideas wise he has many different types.
Jeevi: With the first film itself he proved that.
Sri Vishnu: Yes.

Jeevi: Some of the films work well and some don’t but you have a brand value now. It is that you make good films. Even now you are keeping it going. Appatlo Okkadundevadu is not for everyone, it is for a section of audience. Brochevarevarura is for a certain section but it became a biggest hit because it connects to youth. Mental Madhilo is for youth and family audience with father sentiment. So instead of these films, sometimes you do these. This might not be something the whole family would watch so even then instead of sticking on to one genre you are trying different things. Why?
Sri Vishnu: I can’t heart-fully do a genre or character that I’ve already done. If something repeats then it is probably for some obligation but I wouldn’t be able to do it with all my heart. I’d have some hesitation. When I try new things there is some unknown satisfaction and I get energy also.

Jeevi: Mental Madhilo and Needi Naadi Okate Kadha (NNOK) came in rapid succession. Both are father sentiment but both are different. One is soft romantic comedy and the other there is negativity between father and son.
Sri Vishnu: Yes. So that’s what I’m saying. So if it’s in one thing, take college student in NNOK, he’s bad at studies but there’s many movies being made with the same thing and there’s slight variations. We didn’t want to do that so intentionally we did that.

Jeevi: Did you watch the final copy of this film? What did you think?
Sri Vishnu: Yes, I’ve seen it. During the shoot its one experience. Now after watching the complete film, theres a lot of satisfaction. Definitely it will be a new experience to the audience. It has some visual story telling so it’s quite new. First half there’s a lot of crazy sequences and from there he neatly takes you into another zone. Second half is more of a family movie. The last 20-25 minutes is quite heart touching, you will feel heavy in your heart and by the time you leave the theatre you will feel that the title is justified for men’s responsibility.

Jeevi: Is this look for this film or another?
Sri Vishnu: There are variations within the film. But even when I’m working I ask if we can do anything for the character depending on the script.

Jeevi: How many years span is this film?
Sri Vishnu: It happens across 4-5 years.

Jeevi: So your look also changes.
Sri Vishnu: Yes it changes. There are three variations of getup in this film

Jeevi: What’s your next film?
Sri Vishnu: Next I’m doing three films, concept oriented are ready. One is a biopic inspired from a few top cops. It’s based on true incidents kind of like an anthology. One is fully family drama. Another is Banam film director Chaitanyas’

Jeevi: Once Upon a Time
Sri Vishnu: Balavanthudu, it’s next to it. These three are ready. All works will finish in the next two months so I’ll decide which to pick

Jeevi: In this film there are no duets or songs
Sri Vishnu: There are songs but it’s like montages

Jeevi: There’s no hero heroine in song mode
Sri Vishnu: No no. There’s no general type songs

Jeevi: In your films there usually aren’t. There’s nothing where the scene cuts and they go to song
Sri Vishnu: Ya, they usually aren’t. Basically when you see some films, when I see other heroes sometimes I feel that so I can’t possibly imagine myself like that. I’m a bit away from that but if the song helps further the story then it’s ok.

Jeevi: In this year you’ve done two movies, last year only one?
Sri Vishnu: There was also Unnadi Okate Zindagi

Jeevi: Ok. All the best
Sri Vishnu: Thank you sir

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