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Avakai Biryani pre-release party in USA
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12 November 2008
Dallas, TX

Avakai Biryani hunger already started in America

Avakai Biryani pre-release party was celebrated by Touring Talkies in an authentic, colorful and unique way on Tuesday, November 13th at Flavors Indian Restaurant in Dallas. About 125 invitees attended this one of kind party.

All guests dressed in traditional wear ( pancha, lungi, dhothi, sherwani) or as Auto Drivers, cleaners ( The hero in Avakai Biryani is an auto driver) brought a special attraction and flavor to the party. Authentic dum biryanis (Chicken, Mutton and Vegetable) were served on plantain leaves along with Avakai and gongura. All Guests ate with hands relishing the days back home. It was like a marriage and festive mood transcended.

A Bajaj 4 Stroke real Auto rickshaw was brought specially for the party. Popular Movie Artist Shiva Reddy and Heroine Ruthika attended as special guests at the event. Shiva Reddy enthralled guests with his spontaneous comedy bits on " Avakai Biryani". There was Dhol music which accentuated the party and made everybody join the dance at the end.

There is a lot of craze for Sekhar Kammula movies in the USA since the story of his movies revolves around the actors without losing focus, very close to nativity, no unnecessary fights or vulgarity. He built a special image in USA as clean movies for the entire family. Dallas is the hub for his movies. Touring talkies created history by celebrating “Godavari” and “Happy Days” 50 days functions in Dallas in a unique way on the boat on a big lake in Dallas. Also, “Happy Days” movie became one of the biggest grosser’s in the USA. The expectations are high for “Avakai Biryani” which is releasing with 9 prints in USA on November 14th, Friday.

The Premiers of “Avakai Biryani” are schedules for Thursday, the November 13th release in all major cities in USA. Thousands of people are already lining up to buy tickets for these premier shows that are scheduled for November 13th Thursday night.

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