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Keeravani on Vikramarkudu
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MM Keeravani sounds fresh today because he observed ‘mouna vratam’ yesterday. He says that mouna vratam eases your vocal chords and make your voice soothing and fresh. In an exclusive chitchat with, Keeravani shares the following information -

June 23, 2006

Vikramarkudu songs are not as good as your earlier albums with Rajamouli?
‘Jinthaku’ song establishes characterization and mannerisms of Athili Sathi Babu character. ‘Jo Laali’ song is used as mother song recorded in a cassette for the kid. It is a two minutes song. Except these two songs which have a purpose, all other songs are scored for choreographers. All these four songs disrupt the flow of the film. More over, I did not have an opportunity to score melodies because all songs are dedicated to Athili Sathi Babu. If Vikram Rathod had a love interest in the film, I would have scored good melodies.

What about background music?
Generally I take at least 30 days to compose background music for Rajamouli’s films. But for this film I worked day and night for 22 days. There are many emotional episodes for Vikram Rathod. I gave different theme to each of those emotional episodes. Background score will be appreciated more than the songs in this film.

The initial beat and rhythm of Dummare Dum song seem to be inspired by Dhool title song?
I did not listen to Dhool songs. Actually I gave the same beat to Cheema Cheema song in Simhadri.

Your interview given to India Today Telugu raked quite a big controversy. Did any of Sri Ramadasu unit contact you about it?
No. I have not quoted anything that is questionable in my interview. Tanikella Bharani called me up and said that he wanted to live truthfully for even five minutes. He wanted me to continue in the same way. I have not got any negative calls.

You never spoke so frankly in earlier interviews?
I always speak very frankly in my interviews. But journalists/reporters tame the interview down. Very few people write interviews as they are. During Mechanic Mavayya time, I gave a statement that the directors recruit assistants not for development of script but for bringing coffees and teas. This statement applies to that time. But now, we have knowledgeable assistant directors coming up.

Why are you not doing more projects? Are you putting restrictions on yourself?
No. I don’t have the habit of going to producers and ask them for opportunities. I only compose music for those producers who approach me.

The reason for most of them not approaching you could be your remuneration?
No. I am not particular about remuneration.

If a new director approaches you with small budget, will you do a film for him?
If I get along with the director well and if I am sure that the film is not going to be stalled in middle, I would definitely give music. Money is important to me. But money is not everything. If I am convinced with the director and subject, I don’t mind sacrificing on monitory aspect.

What is the contribution of director in your music?
I give 50% of the credit to the director.

What kind of songs you would like to score?
I have composed around 900 songs, out of which 300 songs are outright trash. Only 300 songs are good and remaining 300 are passable. I love scoring soul-elevating and mood-elevating songs. I love doing situational songs. I don’t like scoring music for dance-based songs. Just like how background music helps to elevate the emotion in fights, songs should also elevate emotions. The director should able to create a definite purpose for a song to be inserted. Unfortunately, most of the directors are ignoring that aspect.

Tell us about Amma Cheppindi audio?
It is releasing on 24th June. This album will have 10 songs. 5 of them are full-length songs and the remaining five are bit songs. All these songs are situational songs. There is song in this film that is written in Morse code (dots and dashes). Hence entire lyrics of that song will have dots and dashes. You may not enjoy this song when you are listening outside. But you will enjoy when you watch it on screen.

Are you producing audio of Amma Cheppindi yourself?
No. My wife is producing audio. I have nothing to do with it. She is not involving me in it because it is a small film and she doesn’t want me to fail if things go wrong.

What are your future projects?
Amma Cheppindi is the only project which I am working on at present. Discussions are going on for Ravi Teja’s next film in the direction of Amma Raja sekhar.

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