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Transcript of Bindu Madhavi's chat with the visitors of

November 10, 2008

bindu madhavi

Bindu Madhavi - padaharanala telugu pilla - is making her debut as film heroine with Avakai Biryani (Sekhar Kammula - Anish Kuruvilla). This film is releasing in USA on 13 November and in India on 14 November. Bindu Madhavi visited the studio to chat with the visitors of on 10 November 2008 night at 9:00 PM IST. We are presenting you with the transcript -

crazydon Hi bindu is "avakayi Biryani " is ur first movie ??
bindu-actress yes crazydon - my very first movie
crazydon can i know where r u from??
bindu-actress born in badanapalli
bindu-actress brought up in all over andhra
bindu-actress studied in chennai
bindu-actress now in hyderabad
bindu-actress eng in Vit
venkraj Which Batch of Vit?
bindu-actress passed out last year
sagar_gv Bindu tell me about u r family
bindu-actress amma nanna oka annayya
dev123 bindu where r u from andhra
bindu-actress settled in hyderabad now
RaviKReddY movie experience ela vundi bindu??
bindu-actress ravi - chala chala bgundi
venkraj Bindu tell us about this movie
bindu-actress romantic drama
bindu-actress village backdrop
RaviKReddY movies lo heroines gurinchi... field gurinchi bad ga chupistaru kada general ga..! so how do u feel about dat.. as u are also an emerging actor.. (ippudu emerging kaadu anuko..)
bindu-actress ravi - depends on each person - i am very confident abt myself that i make sure i have my own standards
dev123 what is biryani part in avakaya biryani
bindu-actress wait till release dev
harinagendarreddy did u ever feel that u would become an actresssssss?
bindu-actress hari - i wanted to - but never seen it happening
crazydon manaki unna telugu actress's chala thakkuva so meeru kuda 2 or 3 movies tollywood lo chesi bollywood velthara leka ikkade untara????
bindu-actress crazy don - you never know
kiran24 you know what bindu i know some of your close friends like pranathi etc
bindu-actress nice to know that kiran - she was my roommate in 1st year
bindu-actress no experience in acting - only modelling experience
bindu-actress eyes n dimples uppi
buddy welcome to Tolly wood..
bindu-actress i am already in tollywood buddy
RaviKReddY i know anish is vere rebel.. his confessions of a film maker shows all his anger..and rebelness.. !! ee movie lo kuda ala industry meeda satires vunayya???
bindu-actress no - its plain pure village love story
rk which shcool you went in madanappaplie
bindu-actress arogyamata school in madanapalli
rk whcih yer was your schooling
bindu-actress i was only till 2nd class in that school
sagar_gv shekar kommula gari gurinchi cheppu
bindu-actress sekhar kammula is legend - i am no one to talk abt him
Vamsi_Krishna I am sure this movie will be a hit !
bindu-actress avakai biryani is going to be a superhit vamsi
manikesh what the difference between normal life and celebritys life?
bindu-actress manikesh - i still have not seen the celeb life
bindu-actress unanticipation blow
Vamsi_Krishna What is your name in the movie?
bindu-actress vamsi - lakshmi is my name in movie
manikesh nuvvu celeb kadaa bindhu ipudu
bindu-actress inka celeb la feel kavadamledu
HarinathaReddy whats ur fav among the songs
bindu-actress veerudena is my fav song in Ab
bindu-actress manikesh - they saw my saree ad and then called me for audition
balayya Is this going to be another Shekar Kammula's Woman oriented art film?
bindu-actress it is a commercial film - nuvvu choosi cheppali balayya
RaviKReddY hey.. bindu.. ! industtry lo ne name enti?? bindu madhavi naa.. or bindu reddy naa??
bindu-actress bindu madhavi reddy is my name
bindu-actress i dont mind using reddy name in my name - but my dad wants me to be politically correct
kiran24 you look quite tall ... May i know how tall are you ???
bindu-actress kiran - 5'7"
RaviKReddY dat is ur real name.. but industry lo name marchukuntaru ga.. so that dat sounds simple..and cute.. ! nuv ala em cheyatam ledaa??
bindu-actress ledu ravi
Vamsi_Krishna U Stay In Hyderabad???
bindu-actress yes vamsi
Vamsi_Krishna U Got A Boyfriend Bindu ?? Or Are U Single Ready To Mingle???
bindu-actress i am single - but definitely not ready to mingle
TAPORI4U who is ur fav bollywood actor
bindu-actress tapori- abhishek bachchan is my fav in bollywood
HarinathaReddy how long did u shoot for the movie?
bindu-actress 85 days
buddy Bindu....have u ever gone to Madanapalle again????
bindu-actress i still keep going to madanapally to meet my grandma
manikesh memu yelaanti movie expect cheyyaali...shekar khammula's style or ur directors dtyle?
bindu-actress manikesh - it will be sekhar kammula movie
TAPORI4U ur fav one line dialogue from Aavakai Biryani
bindu-actress tapori - manushulaki manushulu help cheyyakapothe inkevaru chestarandi
darkman u used to look a bit did u lose weight :)
bindu-actress i workout darkman
vasamranjith who is favourite actor in tollywood
bindu-actress mahesh and pawan kalyan
vinau_s Hey Bindu which mahesh babu's film is your favourate?
bindu-actress pokiri vinau
TAPORI4U what is ur advice to the young people who wants to get in to movies
bindu-actress advice iche range kaadu ippudu
bindu-actress life is superb
darkman how will u take if ppl dont like ur acting tomorrow?
bindu-actress i am sure people would love my acting
hero_elegants Good Confidence... Keep It Up Bindu
Shiva48188 Can you tell what is unique that we can expect in your movie, expect fresh news faces?
bindu-actress shiva - its a feel good movie
darkman confidence is good...but..i meanto can u take criticism..bcos movies can be such a field kada
bindu-actress darkman - i am open for criticism - yet confident of my work
mani_ram u will be visiting Gnt anytime after the release????
bindu-actress i might mani - make it a big hit
Naveen_SG when is release of the movie in India
bindu-actress 14 nov in india and 13 nov in usa
guntur_avakaya hi...this is guntur avakaya....hw r u bindu
bindu-actress meedi guntur - maadi guntur - jeevi di kooda guntur
darkman u like to be in mainstream commercials or offbeat art movies??
bindu-actress i aim to be mainstream commercial heroine
manikesh Commercial elements unnaaya movie lo?
bindu-actress yes manikesh - both commerce and arts vuntai avakai biryani lo
uppi how do u feel..tlking to so many ppl over here
bindu-actress feel thrilled uppi
flight12 which type of characters do u like?
bindu-actress i love action films like that of angelina jolie
guntur_avakaya meedi guntur e na?
bindu-actress yes guntur - i stayed for afew years over there
darkman cool...angelina jolie...did u see Taking Lives...may be it can suit u
bindu-actress i am going to watch it darkman
anandmamilla Hey Bindu Tell Me Some Good Point About Ur Movie?????
bindu-actress anand - its a feel good entertainer with village backdrop
vasamranjith Hi bindu cinema lo meeru avakaya biryani business chesthaara...i mean hero
bindu-actress avakai selling chestanu
darkman is it a brahmin girl's character?
bindu-actress darkman - i can't reveal any info
vasamranjith avunu bindu.....avakayatho biryani ela chestharu....asalu what it means
bindu-actress wait for 4 more days - u will know
mohan1234 ohh avvakayi girl i love you
bindu-actress i shall look into your proposal mohan - cinema release tarvata kanapadu
anandmamilla Bindu Meeru Acting School Ki Vellara?
bindu-actress its upto their comfort zone - vinau
hero_elegants Acting School Ki Vellakunta Acting Ela Telusthundhi Meeku.. Konchem Ayina Training Undali Kadha Bindu
bindu-actress 1 month workshop conducted by sekhar kammula and anish - akkada acting nerchukunnanu
anandmamilla May I Know How Did U Got This Opportunity To Act With Such A Good Team............
bindu-actress anand - they saw my saree print ad and called me
vinau_s What suggestions will you give for girls wanted to become heriones?
bindu-actress nenu inka 1 film heroine - suggestions ivvalenu
bindu-actress Ib photo galleries lo vunnai naa saree print ad pix
Sai_Ram dats gr8...... what wud be ur dream role?
bindu-actress like heroine character in geetanjali
Naveen_SG opposite which super - hero u would like to act ?
bindu-actress spiderman
mani_ram future lo pawan kalyan tho project vaste???
bindu-actress 1st neeke chepta mani
Naveen_SG what is u favorite food?
bindu-actress avakai naveen
Sai_Ram what wud be ur hero-director-music director dream combination?
bindu-actress pawan kalyan - sekhar kammula - ar rehman - my dream combo
bindu-actress will sign and give it to jeevi - he will publish in Ib
sanshary bindu gaaaaaru me ambition enti ?
bindu-actress san - to become a super heroine
Sai_Ram who's ur favourite hero Bindu garu?
bindu-actress pawan kalyan and mahesh sairam
vinau_s Among Pawan kalyan and Mahesh whom do you like most?
bindu-actress pawan kalyan
flight12 opinion about film industry?
bindu-actress its super cool - fight
sanshary great i wish u will become a super heroine ....and by the way if you are not a heroine -what would you be ?
bindu-actress san - wuld have been preparing for GRE
sanshary oh ...k ....who is your best friend ?
bindu-actress san - pranati is my best friend
flight12 opinion about jr Ntr?
bindu-actress i love jr. ntr energy
King_Kalyan Bindu, What is your favourite movie???
bindu-actress geetanjali king
ramesh82 u look amazing bindu ..what is ur next movie?
bindu-actress ramesh - inka sign cheyyaledu
Sai_Ram You are welcome..... Would love to be in touch wid u..... Is it possible??
bindu-actress check out Ib to be in touch with me - i will let jeevi know about my fiuture commitments
King_Kalyan What is your favourite perfume brand???
bindu-actress king - hugo boss - i am using it right now
vijay22340 r u gud at dancing
bindu-actress san - ofcource yes
vinau_s do u like dancing?
bindu-actress i am a supergood dancer
sanshary oh i think the guy must be very lucky to have a sweet and talented girl like you
bindu-actress san - but i am not dating him anymore
shashi bindhu ur completley born and brought up in chennai na
bindu-actress no - i was in AP till my 10th
vijay22340 what type of movies can we expect in future from u
bindu-actress good movies with meaty roles from me
sunilchowdary bindhu is it true u belongs to our great chittor ditrict
bindu-actress yes great chittoor dist
King_Kalyan Bindu, What is your favourite color???
bindu-actress color - pink and white
sureshtvin are u ready for exposing?
bindu-actress suresh - if the character demands -yes
King_Kalyan Are you a girlie girl????
bindu-actress king - i am girlie girl
Naveen_SG did u face any surprises coming to industry
bindu-actress not yet naven
Naveen_SG do u have boy friend
bindu-actress i dont have boy friend now naveen
vinau_s Bindu ..did u dub for yourself in the movie?
bindu-actress no vinay - sunita lent her voice to me
ramesh82 you are my latest crushhhhhhh!!!!!! Bindu
bindu-actress good to know that ramesh
ramu_smiles how do u feel abt sunitha
bindu-actress she is good ramu
ramu_smiles mari na cofee gurinchi reply pampav enti princess
bindu-actress nenu coffee taganugaa
manikesh Hey Whats shekar sir's next movie?
bindu-actress happy days in hindi is sekhar sir's next film
waiting2clife how was it working with aneesh sir ??
bindu-actress anish is amazing
gulla how u got chance to act with shekar
bindu-actress gulla - sekhar saw my saree ad and called for audition
bindu-actress teepi gnapakalu - acting in avakai is full of sweet memories
vijay22340 bindu what is ur petname at home
bindu-actress i dont have pet names - they call me bindu
ramu_smiles princess ........atleast natho water thaguthava
bindu-actress ramu - i will drink a glass of water for u
vijay22340 ur pic name is aykaya biryani, do u like biryani
bindu-actress now i am vegitarian - i love avakai - movie release varaku no non-veg
King_Kalyan Tell us one of your dialogue from 'avakayi Biryani', Please????
bindu-actress Av dialogue - manushulaku manushulu hemp cheyyakapothe inkevaru chestarand
prashu Binduu .....u look gud in sarees.but whts ur fav outfit?
bindu-actress i love casual outfits
manikesh gods ni blessings adugthunnaavaa?
bindu-actress manikesh - aa panilone vunna
vinau_s which Biryani...chicken Biryani, mutton Biryani or Avakayi Biryani?
bindu-actress vinay - i love chicken biryani
gulla which place u like in hyderabad
bindu-actress gulla - necklace road
vjkumar bindu... if at all i ask u to rate the movie, what will u give it out of 5?
bindu-actress vj - i give 5 to avakai biryani
sunilchowdary bindhu garu orkut loo unarra
bindu-actress unanticipation blow is my orkut profile
manikesh Bindu maadhavi gaaru shooting vikarabad lo teesaara?
bindu-actress yes vikarabd lo shoot chesaru
raghu_ambala hey bindu..wat's ur favourite time pass???
bindu-actress raghu - surfing net is my pastime
King_Kalyan What watch are you wearing now???
bindu-actress king - espirit watch
ramesh82 which place do u like most abroad india?????????
bindu-actress ramesh - las vegas is my dream destination
King_Kalyan Bindu, Are you interested in a Blind Date with me in las Vegas???
bindu-actress if i come to las vegas - i might think
bindu-actress thanx a lot guys for chatting with me
bindu-actress its releasing in Usa on 13 Nov and in india on 14 Nov
bindu-actress watch it on the first day and tell how we did it
bindu-actress wish me all the success - and lets hope that avakai biryani will become a big hit - thank you all - byeee

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