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18th September 2003
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100 days function of the path-breaking runaway hit 'Aithe' was held in a different style on 20th of this month at Vice Convention Center. Unlike the regular functions, the round table seating has been arranged so that guests could occupy tables of their choice in groups. The men who anchored the evening and made it a great success were the carefree Raja Mouli and spontaneous MM Keeravani. Initially singer Smita has done the honors and as soon as the chief guest Chiranjeevi arrived, Rajamouli-Keeravani duo took the center stage.

An antakshari program was conducted with 5 groups (heroes, producers, journalists, directors and technicians) of 3 members each. Here are the details of the teams and how Keeravani invited these teams.

S. No Welcome song Team's name Team Members
1 Randi Randi .. Dayacheyandi
Actors (Chiranjeevi) Chiranjeevi
Prakash Raj
Allu Arjun
2 Nuvvu Nenu Kalisuntene
Producers (Allu Arvind) Allu Arvind
Shyam Prasad Reddy
KL Narayana
3 Bussekki Vastavo
Directors (YVSChowdary) YVS Chowdary
VV Vinayak
Rasool Ellor
4 Nuvvu raanani
(Okato Number Kurraadu)
Technicians (Chandra Bose) Chandra Bose
Kona Venkat
MM Keeravani

Here is sequence of songs for Antakshari program

S No Singer Song
1 Chiranjeevi Mava Mava
2 Allu Arjun Mavayyadi
3 Allu Arvind Ramma Chilakamma
4 Venkat Man....
5 Chandra Bose Lahiri Lahiri
6 YVS Chowdary Adirindi Maava
7 Allu Arjun Lucky Lucky
8 Allu Arvind Choopulto guchi guchi
9 Venkat Yevariki Telusu
10 Keeravani Le le le naa raja
11 YVS Chowdary Jagada Jagada Jagadam
12 Allu Arjun Premiste Pranamista
13 Allu Arvind Taaguta Neeyavva taagutaa
14 Venkat Tolimanchu kurisindi
15 Kona Venkat Malli malli idi raani roju
16 Raja Mouli Nee meeda naaku adammo
17 Allu Arjun Yamaho nee yama yama andam
18 Allu Arvind Manasugati Inthe
19 Patrikeya Telavara vache
20 Chandra Bose Manmadha Manmadha Mava putruda
21 YVS Chowdary Raikachooste Rajahmundry

Chiranjeevi has selected the journalist team as winners and handed them over the prize of Rs 3 crores to them. When they opened the packet, they found that it consisted of 6 pirated VCD/DVDs of latest telugu films including Simhadri and Vasantham. Producer Gangaraju Gunnam explained that each film is losing around 50 lakhs on piracy and that prize consists of items worth 3 crores (6 VCDs). He urged the journalists to break those VCDs as a protest against video piracy.

Speaking on this occasion, Chiranjeevi said that one of the producers Venkat Dega is a close friend to him. And whenever Chiranjeevi visits England, he makes sure that he takes the hospitality of Venkat Dega. Incidentally Venkat Dega is a doctor in England. When Chiranjeevi met Venkat in England and said that Aithe is creating ripples in AP, then Venkat arranged a special theatrical screening of 'Aithe' to Chiranjeevi in London. Chiranjeevi said that he immensely liked the film. He praised the director Chandra Sekhar Yeleti as a creative genious. He also said that he loved the film 'Little Soldiers' which was also produced by Gangaraju Gunnam. The film little soldiers won 7 Nandi awards.

Chiranjeevi said he always had some kind of arrogance in him and used to feel that he could predict the proceedings of any story while watching a thriller film. But for the first time, he was duped by the director Chandra Sekhar Yeleti, when he presumed that the four leading men in the film were the actual youngsters hired for the hijack operation. He also commended all the actors and actresses in the film for enlivening their part well.

EVV Satyanarayana, Chiranjeevi, Allu Arvind, Keeravani etc distributed shields. The evening was followed by laser show, burra katha and booze.

The team of Just Yellow has liven up to their reputation of being really different and like the caption of the film, the guests concluded that 'anni 100 days functions okela vundavu'


Photo Gallery (Photos by Giri)
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