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Adhineta music launch
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April 11, 2009


Music launch of Jagapati Babu’s latest film Adhineta was held at Prasad Labs on the night of 11 April. VV Vinayak, B Gopal, N Shankar, Ram Prasad, Anji Seenu and Venkat Akkineni attended the function as guests. Three heroines (Shraddha Das, Hamsa Nandini and V Neelima) graced the occasion wearing sleeveless sarees.

Jagapati Babu’s performance in the climax is unique – Paruchuri Gopala Krishna
Paruchuri Gopala Krishna said, “We penned superb political stories like Krishna’s Eenadu and NTR’s Naa Desam in the past. Adhineta too will be in that genre. Jagapati Babu came up with excellent political dialogue delivery. Adhineta is about a common man becoming a chief minister. Jagapati Babu’s performance in the climax is unique. Three heroines will add lots of glamour to the movie. Samudra is the most successful mass director after B Gopal. Assembly Rowdy film gave a new image to Mohan Babu. Likewise, Jagapati Babu will get new image after this film. He also involved in changing scenes and script of the movie in a positive way.”

Neelima (granddaughter of V Madhusudhana Rao) said that she did a small yet vital role in this movie and said that she liked all the songs.

Jagapati Babu is sexy – Shraddha Das
Actress Shraddha Das said, “I am doing my dream role of a village girl in this movie. Adhineta is a stylish and lavish movie. Producer made this movie with no compromise. Jagapati Babu is one of the sexiest heroes of Telugu cinema. He is a cool and protective man and a best person you can have as a friend.”

Producer Radha Mohan said, “Financier Sunku Ramesh recommended me this project. We started the movie on 17 January and completed it in 3 months. I spent a lot of money on the quality of this movie. Actor Jagapati Babu took lot of personal interest in the movie.”

Executive producer Ravi Sadasivuni said that Adhineta will be a musical hit with an extraordinary song ‘Amrutaniki’.

Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao said that this movie explains what social justice is all about.

Director Samudra said, “Jagapati Babu in our combination became a big hit. I am hopeful that Adhineta will be a turning point in Jagapati Babu’s career after Gayam.Adhineta is made with a powerful subject. It is not just a political film, but also a strong family entertainer. Jagapati Babu has best dialogues in this movie.”

Adhineta is the most commercial movie in my career – Jagapati Babu
Actor Jagapati Babu said, “Adhineta film is a risky proposition for me. I can’t even pronounce Telugu word ‘Abhyardhi’ properly. And Paruchuri brothers penned tongue twisting dialogues for me. It is a high budget film and producer has tremendous taste. He produced this movie in 3 months. Adhineta is the most commercial movie in my career. I would like to thank Venkat Akkineni because he suggested body art for me for a song shot in Bangkok. Actress Shraddha Das has tremendous commitment. Neelima has a special character. Director Samudra has hard work and passion in him. I am sure that music will be a superhit.

Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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