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Music launch - Blade Babji
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July 22, 2008


Audio of Blade Babji, an Allari Naresh flick, is today released through Aditya Music at State Art Gallery, Madhapur, Hyderabad. Made on Satyam Movies, the film is directed by Kodi Ramakrishna’s protégé Devi Prasad. Producer is Muthyala Satyakumar. Ex-beauty queen Sayali Bhagat plays the female interest for Naresh. Music is by Koti. The film is going to release in August.

Producer Allu Arvind released the audio CD, presenting the first number to Kodi Ramakrishna. SV Krishna Reddy released the audio cassette and EVV Satyanarayana took the first edition. Directors N. Shankar, G. Ramprasad, VR Pratap, hero Allari Naresh, editor Nandamuri Hari, character artiste Hema, Cameraman Raja, lyric writer Bhaskara Batla and Achi Reddy were present. News reader Pragati anchored the event. The absence of music director Koti and heroine Sayali Bhagath was glaring.

My family likes Naresh films: Allu Arvind
Allu Arvind said: “I am taking part in an audio release function of this kind after a long gap. The reason why I have come here is that this film producer Satyakumar is the son-in-law of producer Jayakrishna, a good friend of mine. We all know that Muddukrishna, Jayakrishna’s son was no more. (Stress-ridden, Muddukrishna committed suicide recently). Jayakrishna requested me to attend the program and that’s why I am here.”

He further said: “I recently saw Gamyam and Naresh performed to the core, drawing huge audience applause. I personally liked his energy in the film. If only Gamyam was released properly, it would sure have become a stunning blockbuster. The lacuna remained with the distribution and exhibiting segment. Generally, our family members enjoy Naresh’s films a lot. I hope Blade Babji will become a super duper hit and even surpass the power of Gamyam.”

Naresh should do a Chalam: Kodi
Kodi Ramakrishna said: “The title Blade Babji sounds very popular and will just block in the mind. I am in no doubt that this film will become a very big hit. I request EVV Satyanarayana to project Naresh in the mould of heroism akin to a Chalam, who is known for his versatility. I saw Naresh film Seema Sastry and got inspired with the hero’s characterization, which has the punch to project the evil of factionist cult in a sarcastic and entertaining manner. Director Devisri is a man of conviction and this trait will sure help him to thrive in the industry.”

I felt jealous of Blade Babji: EVV
EVV Satyanarayana said: “I generally don’t get involved in the films of Naresh, because I think this will embarrassing to the producers. But, the story writer and director of Blade Babji came to me and insisted that I should listen to the narration. After giving my ear, I felt jealous of the script and thought of producing the film myself. That is the power of the script. I am hundred percent confident that Blade Babji is going to rock as a big entertainer and also at the box office. I suggested the producers to take up business only after showing the film to the buyers.”

SV Krishna Reddy said: “Naresh has assumed new dimension in the arena of comedy as hero on a par with Rajendra Prasad. I am happy that he made himself available to all sections of the producers – big, medium and small range.”

I was alone after flop: Devi Prasad
Director Deviprasad said: “The day before the release of my previous film Pandu, I held in hand offers from four or five producers and three busy young heroes were in touch with me daily. When the film flopped the next day, all of them disappeared and lost touch with me. But, it was hero Naresh, who understood my difficulties in the face of a failure. He became a vital person in the launch of Blade Babji to fulfill the interest of his friend Muddukrishna. Both Naresh and I mutually trust each other. That is our strength. The timing and wave length between us suited well. I thank all the guests who blessed the project.”

Naresh turned emotional
Hero Naresh went emotional and said: “My friend late Muddukrishna is the power behind Blade Babji. At a time when everybody laughed at me when I said I wanted to become a hero, it was Muddukrishna who poured the wine of courage and confidence down my throat. During the time of Visakha Express, he came to me and demanded that I should do a film for his bava garu. That’s how Blade Babji began. He also saw the rushes of the film and emphatically declared that the film is going to become a big hit. I believe in his judgment.”

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