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Komaram Puli music launch
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11 July 2010


Music of Pawan Kalyan’s latest movie Komaram Puli was launched at a function organized at HITEX convention hall, Madhapur on the morning of 11 July. Rosaiah attended this function as special guest. The unit members who made it to this occasion include Pawan Kalyan, AR Rahman, SJ Surya, Nikisha Patel, Shriya, Chandrabose, Anand Sai etc attended it. Allu Arvind is distributing this movie for the entire AP on Geeta Arts banner.

Rosaiah launched the music and gave it to the mother of AR Rahman.

Komaram Puli film reflects Pawan Kalyan’s personal character – SJ Surya
SJ Surya said, “I directed Kushi with Pawan Kalya in 2000 and after 10 years our second combination film Komaram Puli is releasing. It is a cop story narrated in a different way. Pawan Kalyan is a kind of human being who always wants to do something to society. Komaram Puli film reflects his personal character. AR Rahman is the Kohinoor of India. Singanamala Ramesh produced this film with huge budget.”

Puli is the only potential film to break Magadheera records – Allu Arvind
Allu Arvind said, “Magadheera broke all the possible records and only Puli film has qualifications to break the records of Magadheera. I saw rushes of Puli and I am predicting with the confidence I got after watching rushes. I know financier Satya Rangaiah for the past 25 years and he was like a pillar for Telugu film industry. Producer Ramesh Singanamala spent so much on this movie that it wouldn’t be possible for buyers to shell out that amount of money. That’s why he is releasing this movie on his own through Geeta Arts distribution.”

I am a fan of Chiranjeevi – K Rosaiah
CM Rosaiah said, “I saw Pawan Kalyan’s movies in parts and he is a good actor. I am also a fan of Chiranjeevi like everybody else here. The promo of Puli suggests me that it is about leadership qualities.”

Great intention in Komaram puli – AR Rahman
AR Rahman said, “There is a great intention in this movie. I would like to thank Telugu audiences in USA for encouraging me.”

I know Puli story - Nagababu
Naga Babu said, “I notice AR Rahman when he was 18 years old. He used to do key-board for our music directors Raj-Koti during Trinetrudu movie. He used to loads on work in a disciplined way without seeking any attention. I know the story of Komaram Puli and it will be a big hit.”

Pawan Kalyan said, “I am not used to attend these kings of functions. I enjoy as a fan while attending the functions of Chiranjeevi. But I don’t show interest in participating in my own functions. Initially I didn’t have plans to participate in it. I came here because AR Rahman has agreed to come here. I used to watch English films with my dad in Nellore when I was a kid. And I used to wonder when Indians will get an opportunity at world stage. AR Rahman made it possible by winning Academy awards and Grammy awards. AR Rahman is a simple person and he was the same when he worked for Trinetrudu movie around 22 years back. AR Rahman works for his music like Tyagaraja and Sriramadasu. ”

We never intend to dominate anybody – Pawan Kalyan
Speaking about his brother Pawan Kalyan said, “We invited Chiranjeevi for the function and he couldn’t make it due to prior engagements. I admire him for the high moral values he has. He always thinks well about other heroes. We are here to do out work sincerely. I am not after records. We never want to dominate or belittle others. We come from a lower middle class and we always work hard. That is why people from the age of Rosaiah to kids like him a lot. Chiranjeevi is waging a lone battle in politics now.”

AR Rahman’s songs have healing power – Pawan Kalyan
Speaking about music he said, “I am a great fan of music and I feel that music is the driving force for any political or social movement. I am a great admirer of patriotic songs. I listened to Maaralante and Namakame song a few days back. I cried while listening to Nammakame song. I cried remembering three people

1. When I went to a village in Adilabad while campaigning for PRP. 3000 people in that village were not having proper drinking water. I saw a helpless blind old woman who was waiting at a bore pump for water which may not reach her.
2. Swapnika wanted to see me when she was in hospital after being attacked with acid in Warangal. When I visited her she sai, “Annayya, ye aada pillaki ituvanti paristiti raakodadu’.
3. When my father expired two and half years back, I was to participate in Jalsa shoot on the third day. I had to shoot for the film as release date was announced. I didn’t even cry during mourning period of my father.

The Nammakame song made my cry. AR Rahman’s songs have healing power.”

Pawan Kalyan also said, “I feel shy when people call me power star. That is not what I intended. But SJ Surya convinced AR Rahman to do a song with power star as lyric. Surya narrated me the story during Annavaram shoot. He has the habit of enacting scenes during narration. I liked the story and Komaram Puli is a good. I don’t believe in records. I don’t feel that all 365 days in an year should belong to one person only.”

Chandrabose penned all lyrics in the album.

Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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