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Mahatma music launch
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September 21, 2009


Music of Mahatma movie was launched today at a function organized in Novotel hotel on the night of 21 September. Tushar Gandhi (great-grandson of Mahatma Gandhi), Mohan Babu, Nagarjuna, Venkatesh, Ravi Teja, Nagababu, Allu Arjun, Tarun, SS Rajamouli, Charmme, Allu Arvind, Achi Reddy, Muthyala Subbaiah and Tammareddy Bharadwaja attended the function along with the cast and crew members.

Vijay Anthony scored music in this 100th movie of Srikanth. CR Manohar produces it in the direction of Krishna Vamsi. Supreme music bought the audio rights.

Mohan Babu launched the new logo of Supreme music on this eve.

Tushar Gandhi launched audio and gave the first unit to Mohan Babu.

I am obsessed with Gandhi since childhood - Sirivennela
Speaking on the occasion Sirivennela said, "I asked Krishna Vamsi why he tends to make these kind of movies. I think he doesn't belong to the herd to churn out commercial movies. He has shown the new dimension of Mahatma Gandhi in this movie. A normal human being has it in to become a Mahatma. Krishna Vamsi narrated this point in a convincing manner. Mahatma Gandhi written a book called 'My Experience with the Truth'. Krishna Vamsi's Mahatma encompasses the gist of that book. Vijay Anthony was a sound engineer and sound mixing specialist before becoming the music director. And I am glad that he composed songs in such a way that music never dominated the lyrics. I am shocked at the intensity of dialogues written by Paruchuri brothers. Balu song a vital song that is penned by me. I am obsessed with Gandhi since my childhood. I am feeling fortunate to pen a song on him. The entire Gandhi's gist is encompassed in that 3 minute song. Srikanth gave a superb performance."

Srikanth is ajatha satruvu - Mohan Babu
Mohan Babu said, "Srikanth is a good actor and we acted together in a movie tiled Tappuchesi Pappu Koodu. Srikanth is also a good human being and he has no enemies. He never speaks ill about others. I am always fascinated by Krishna Vamsi's work and I wish that he would give a role to me in his movies. I wish that Srikanth's 100th film will run for 100 days."

Venkatesh said, "I worked with Srikanth for three movies - Kondapalli Raja, Abbai Garu and Sankranthi. Srikanth is the only hero in this industry who is friend to everybody. From the trailers, i made out that Mahatma is an intense movie and I am sure that it will become a big hit."

Tammareddy Bharadwaja said that Krishna Vamsi is the director whose films reflect Telugutanam after Bapu's.

I would runaway from directing films like Mahatma - SS Rajamouli
SS Rajamouli said, "I met Krishna Vamsi when he came to meet Gangaraju Gunnam at his house. I was working as an assistant director at that time. Krishna Vamsi delivered Gulabi and he was working on the script of Ninne Pelladatha. At that time he asked me to pen dialogues for Ninne Pelladatha movie. I was really surprised at his guts of offering a struggling assistant director to pen dialogues for such a big star's movie. If somebody asks me to direct a subject of Mahatma movie, I would runaway. But Krishna Vamsi is such a director who loves to make meaningful movies."

Allu Arjun said, "I had become more patriotic after watching Krishna Vamsi's Khadgam. My favorite movie of Srikanth is Operation Duryodhana. Srikanth is the only hero in Telugu film industry whom I call as Annayya."

A film like Mahatma should be encouraged - Tushar Gandhi
Tushar Gandhi said, "Initially I was skeptical about Mahatma movie because lots of people tried to contact me for various films made on Mahatma in the past. Lots of unnecessary liberties were taken. When these people contacted me, I asked them to send me the synopsis. I was surprised after reading it. Bapu always believed that even if there is some percentage of goodness in a human being it can be cultivated to drive out all other evil forces. Bapu always believed in the power of change. A film like Mahatma should be encouraged because it it communicates the principles of Mahatma in a language that a common man could understand."

Music director Vijay Anthony who is basically a Tamilian surprised everybody by speaking in complete Telugu. He said that he understood the potential of Mahatma when he was doing re-recording. He expressed his confidence over the commercial success of the movie.

Entire credit of Mahatma should go to Krishna Vamsi - Srikanth
Srikanth said, "I am very happy today. It was Ramoji Rao who encouraged me into films with Peoples Encounter. Tammareddy Bharadwaja made me hero with 1/2 movie. Rama Naidu gave a hit to me as hero with Taj Mahal movie. SV Krishna Reddy and EVV consistently cast me as hero in their movies. I would like to thank all the people who supported me throughout the journey. I am proud of doing Krishna Vamsi's Mahatma. The entire credit of Mahatma should go to Krishna Vamsi. It is a huge budgeted film and my friend Manohar came forward to produce it against all odds. I also want to thank my brother Anil for helping me."

Krishna Vamsi concluded it by saying that Srikanth is his friend for the past 17 years and Mahatma is going to be a memorable gift to him.

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