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Audio release - Narasimhudu
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23rd April 2005
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The audio release of NTR Jr's next film Narasimhudu was done amidst much fanfare at Taj Residency, Hyderabad. The film, which is being produced by Changala Venkat Rao under his banner Sree Satyanarayanamma Movies, is being directed by B Gopal and has music by Mani Sharma.

The fans were bustling with enthusiasm and were awaiting the arrival of the stars and the chief guest. Finally when the chief guest N Chandrababu Naidu arrived an hour late there were no complaints. The function began with the fans shouting slogans of praise for the Nandamuri Family.

Jahnsi who was anchoring the function invited all the guest one by one on to the dais. Speaking about the film she said, "Changala Venkat Rao had earlier done Samara Simha Reddy and everyone knows what a big hit it was. After that film he took a break and now he is producing this film with NTR Jr."

Without delay N Chandrababu Naidu released the audiocassette and the first cassette was given to Devendra Goud and B Suresh Babu of Suresh Productions bought the first cassette. During the hurry Chandrababu Naidu hit a glass and broke it, the entire guests present considered this a good sign.

Speaking first and foremost was Devendra Goud who said, "Listening to the music I am sure that the film will be a big hit. NTR is a very dynamic and active hero who is going to be a very big star. Venkat Rao is always very through about what ever he does, so there is no doubt that this film is going to be a big success. NTR does great work so it will always be less if I speak anything about him. He is going to prove his talent with this film again."

Venugopala Chary was the next to speak, "NTR Jr who is the successor of N T Rama Rao will give a great hit with this film. B Gopal will also prove that he is one of the best directors in the industry. The film has 'Simha' in its title and I am sure that it will be as successful as the earlier movie Samara Simha Reddy. This film is going to be a success for the whole unit, the audio will be a hit with the fans and satisfy everyone of them."

Song from the film was played. Parachuri Gopalakrishna spoke next and said, "Every time I start my speech by taking the name of N T Rama Rao. All around the world anyone who talks of Telugu has to remember that NTR was synonymous with everything that is Telugu, grit, and galore. That great man has a successor in Junior NTR and he is a successor who is worth the praise."

"After writing the dialogues for this film we were really happy to listen to NTR speak them on celluloid. There is one particular dialogue which is a whole two minutes and he has done the whole thing in a single breath and without a cut. I am not going to reveal the whole dialogue but will tell a single line from the whole thing.

'Rythu naalugu vellu bhoomiloki velitene, ne notiloki aa naalugu vellu velutayi.'

"A glass was broken while the audio cassette was being released and this is an auspicious thing. The film is also going to break all the previous records set by Samara Simha Reddy. This is for sure and we will meet at the 100 day function of the film."

Sameera Reddy spoke very few words and concluded her speech by wishing the whole team a success. Following suite was Ravi Shankar who has provided the basic story of the film.

Next came Brahmanandam who was cheered by the crowds to speak but limited himself by saying, "I am sure that the film is going to entertain one and all as I have a full length comic role beside NTR Jr. When Parachuri Gopalakrishna was speaking about NTR, I remembered the dialogue and I am till now astonished how he was able to deliver such a lengthy dialogue in a single take. Looking at his efforts and that of the director and producer I am sure the film is going to be a definite hit."

Ali's speech was just like the way it is, full of humour. He said, "I am sure everyone wants to know that particular dialogue from the film. Even though everyone on the stage has been asking me to skip it I have decided to tell everyone the dialogue." Then came his usual gibberish, which has made him famous in the film industry.

V V Vinayak who has earlier made two films with NTR Jr spoke and said, "NTR will satisfy his fans with this movie, but apart from him the movie has other assets like, direction by B Gopal, dialogues by Parachuri Brothers and production values of Changala Venkat Rao. Many heard the dialogue that everyone is talking about, but I was amongst the first to see it. It is a whole 300 feet of film and there was no cut and NTR did the whole thing in a single take. That is a great achievement in itself. I wish the movie all the best."

Changala Venkat Rao spoke next and said, "After Samra Simha Reddy I was waiting for a equally powerful story but I had to hold back for a long time. Now after a gap of seven years I got a chance to produce a film with NTR. When I approached him before the story was finalized, NTR promised me dates and said that he would act in my film at any cost and create a bigger record that my earlier film."

"NTR is amongst the select few actors who have proved their acting skill and also have a social conscious. When a girl was looking for sponsorships to study he was the first to donate an amount of five lakhs for her studies. He is the one and only actor who has done a film for free for a produce who was suffering from losses. I am happy that I have made this film with him."

"I take this occasion to donate an amount of 10 Lakhs to the Telugu Desam party who saw me fit for an MLA seat. I felt I did all that I could during my time as an MLA."

NTR came took the mike and the crowds went into a frenzy of praises. He said, "I have been given the privilege of acting in a film that is being produced by Changal Venkat Rao. The enthusiasm he has shown towards the movie is outstanding, and I wish to break the records of his earlier film Samara Simha Reddy. Working under the direction of B Gopal has also taught me a lot about films as he is a very capable director who knows exactly what he wants form an actor. Everyone present here has been praising me about the dialogue delivery, but it is the dialogue itself that has inspired me to do that. Thanks to Parachuri Brother who have given such powerful and punch packed dialogues."

"Sameera Reddy is an actress who was hard to match on the dance floor. She has such fluid movements, and I hope I have done the best to compliment her. I would also like to thank Mr Chandrababu Naidu for sparing his time to come for the audio function. The film is going to be an eye candy to all Nandamuri and my fans."

Chandrababu Naidu was the last to speak and he said, "Last time I was here to release the audio of Samara Simha Reddy and the film was a tremendous success. This time also I wish the film all the very best. Changala Venkat Rao has taken all cares to make a great film. And I don't think I have particularly praise the dialogues given by Parachuri Brother or the acting of NTR."

"I am usually very careful, but I don't know how the box of cassettes slipped and how the glass broke but I am sure that the film will also break all the records just like the broken glass. All those present here have raised my interest towards that particular dialogue and I am waiting to see it in the theatre. I wish all the very best to the team behind this film."

After this speech Chandrababu Naidu and NTR left the function and a few fans that were hanging around were trying to get a closer look at Sameera Reddy and the remaining guests. The audio rights of the film are with Aditya Music.

- Aditya

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