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Audio launch - Vaana
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December 14, 2007


Music of MS Raju’s directorial debut Vana was launched with lots of fanfare on the night of 14 December in Annapurna studios. Vinay and Meera Chopra played main leads. Kamalakar composed music. Audiocassette was launched by D Rama Naidu and sold it to Nukarapu Surya Prakasa Rao. Audio CD is launched by Devi Sri Prasad and bought by Satya Rangayya.

D Rama Naidu said, “MS Raju has been saying that he would direct a film for a long time. And I am happy that he has finally done it now. I also told many times that I would be directing. But never did it. The third generation in his family is also entering movies now.”

Presenter N Surya Prakasa Rao said, “Mungara Male is a bigger hit than Pokiri in south India. It was releasing on 28th of December last year and is still running housefuls. They had been saying that producer made the money to the tune of 45-50 crores. I am producing a Kannada film titled Galipata with the same combination now. I was holding the rights of this film and MS Raju approached me. And I requested him to direct the film too.”

Shyam Prasad Reddy said, “I knew MS Raju for the past 20 years. He ha lots of love, desire and passion for filmmaking. It is a rare thing for a producer to become a successful director. Only VB Rajendra Prasad achieved it in a big scale in the past. I am confident that MS Raju with his terrific passion and energy levels will become the most successful director.”

Devi Sri Prasad said, “Though many directors directed films in MS Raju production, I always felt that he was the director. I made my debut in films with MS Raju’s Devi. Kamalakar did flute work for that film. And he is immensely talented flutist. Vinay is big in Tamil with girls going gaga over him. I saw two songs in Vana and they are terrific.”

MS Raju said, “I would like to thank N Surya Prakasa Rao who gave me this subject. For the first time, I teamed up with another producer for a film. He never asked me about budget. Every role in this film is good. I am confident about the success.”

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