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Kathi music success function
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6 November 2010

Music success function of Kalyan Ram’s latest film Kathi was held at Taj Banjara hotel amidst enthusiastic Nandamuri fans on the night of 6 November 2010. It was attended by Dasari, Nandamuri Hari Krishna, Bala Krishna, NTR, Janakiram, Taraka Ratna, Shyam, Kota, Sana Khan, Mallikharjun, Gowtam Raju, Vakkantam Vamsi, RP Patnaik, Srivas and Raghubabu.

The shields were given by the guests to Raghu Karumanchi, Sandhya Janak, Raghava, Murthy, Gowtam Raju, Vakkantam Vamsy, Dubbing Jagadish, Art Satya, DTS Radha Krishna, Narayana, Ramajogaiah Sastri, Bandaru Danayya, Bhaskar, EFX Srinivas, BA Raju and Jagadish.

I did Kathi because it's made on NTR Arts - Shyam
Actor Shyam said, “I got lots of offers after my work in Kick. But I stayed away. I did this movie because it’s NTR Arts. I have high respect for NTR. Nandamuris are great people with great hearts. I am sure that kathi will become a bigger hit than Kick.”

I am indebted to Kalyan Ram - Mallikharjuna
Director Mallikharjun said, “Kathi movie will be as per the expectations of Nandamuri fans. I am indebted to Nandamuri Kalyan Ram throughout my life.”

Simha success will be repeated with Kathi - NTR
NTR said,”I predicted the success of Simha movie and it became a huge hit. I am telling the same words for Kathi also. This year has started well with Adurs, Simha and Brindavanam and will end well with Kathi.”

Mani Sharma is a factionist among music directors - Bala Krishna
Bala Krishna said, “Music is very important for movie’s success. Mani Sharma is a factionist among music directors. His real name is Subramanya Sharma and he changed it to Mani Sharma. I think he is like diamond among the music directors. Vakkantham Vamsi penned a good story. Mallikharjun is a passionate director. I hope that Kathi should break records. Kalyan Ram is smart since his childhood. He worked as child artist in my Bala Gopaludu movie. He used to question the director when the director asked for another take. All his movies are different from another. He understands all crafts of film making and involves intently.”

NTR gave respect to producers and directors - Hari Krishna
Hari Krishna Nandamuri said, “When Kalyan Ram wanted to name his banner on NTR name, I told him to be responsible and make respectable movies since the banner consist of NTR’s name. After Dana Veera Soora Karna became a huge blockbuster, NTR used to repent that he couldn't do complete justice to the direction of movie. NTR gave respect to producer and director. Kalyan Ram will be giving 3 lacs as his donation to rains victims through TDP fund. I request all Nandamuri fans to help in combating this natural calamity.”

Kalyan Ram deserves a huge hit - Dasari
Dasari said, “NTR and N Trivikrama Rao are the role models for producers of Telugu cinema. Now, Kalyan Ram is turning out to be an ideal producer. In a day, when the producer is becoming a combination maker, Kalyan Ram proved to be the one of the best/inspiring producers in Telugu film industry at present. Kalyan Ram involves in music, editing, scripting and learning new technologies. Kalyan Ram is matured as an actor with his performance in Hare Ram. Kalyan Ram is a hard worker and talented actor/technicians and he deserves a huge hit. I hope that he will get that opportunity with Kathi movie. When Kathi title landed in trouble, I helped Kalyan Ram securing it. When I became a director, there were better talented youngsters in Pondy Bazaar in Chennai. I was lucky to get a direction chance and proved myself. Mallikharjun is a talented director and a hard worker. Telugu film industry always rewards hard workers.”

Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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