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Namo Venkatesa music success meet
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January 11, 2010


Audio success meet of Venkatesh’s latest album Namo Venkatesa was held at Rama Naidu studios on the night of 11 January. All the cast and crewmembers attended it.

Venkatesh’s viswaroopam in this movie – Seenu Vytla
Seenu Vytla said, “Producers of this movie are my friends. Their lifelong wish of making a movie got fulfilled with Namo Venkatesa. I would like to thank Venkatesh and D Suresh Babu for making it happen. You can see viswaroopam of Venkatesh in this movie. Devi Sri Prasad composed good music. Gopi Mohan came up with a suitable story when I was looking for appropriate story for Venkatesh. He was with me for making of this film for a year. Chintapally Ramana penned excellent dialogues. Rama Jogaiah Sastry penned nice lyrics.”

Devi Sri Prasad said, “Seenu Vytla is like brother to me. Lots of films I worked for him succeeded at box office. Both Venkatesh and Seenu Vytla have the philosophy of ‘be positive’. Rama Jogaiah Sastry choreographed for a big in Namo Venkatesa title song.”

Namo Venkatesa is about positive thinking - Venkatesh
Venkatesh said, “Namo Venkatesa is releasing for 14 January. The music has already become a success. I always wanted to work with Seenu Vytla. I liked the story a lot. We shot the songs of the movie in Europe, Iceland and Bangkok. This film stresses about the importance of positive thinking.

Photo Gallery (Photos by G Narasaiah)
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