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Game launch - Jalsa
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March 22, 2008


The mobile game of Jalsa film was launched at a function held at Hotel Novotel, Hyderabad today morning. Incidentally this is the first movie based game in South India. RZ2 Games (Chris Whaley) developed the online version of the game. FX Labs (Sashi Reddy – Aplabs) developed the mobile game.

Chris said that Jalsa game is the best action game he developed so far.

It’s a popcorn economy – Allu Arvind
Speaking on the occasion Allu Arvind said, “Earlier we go to theaters just to watch films. Then the popcorn business was build around watching the film. Then beverages and food industry created a new avenue around the films. Slowly merchandize came in. Home entertainment and satellite rights got big money to film producers. The latest business opportunity is games. The concept of games in less exploited in Indian film industry. Telugu film industry should also test these waters and get benefited by this.”

Telugu film producers counsel president Tammareddy Bharadwaja said, “I get jealous of Allu Arvind and D Suresh Babu because of their business acumen in spotting the new business opportunities to exploit. We have identified 60 avenues to make additional buck to the film industry. I am sure that other producers would take this as inspiration and come forward with games for their films too.”

Allu Arjun said, “I had become actor accidentally. I always wanted to be in the field of animation. I predicted 10 years back that gaming would become big in films too. I am very happy that Geeta arts is taking the initiative in launching the gaming for films.”

Explaining about pricing Allu Sirish said, “The online game is free. But the mobile game is going to cost Rs. 50/- per download. This is a standard rate for mobile download in India. The game can be download across the 42 Big C outlets in the state. Fans and gamers can also download it by messaging JALSA to 56263

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