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Eenadu movie logo launch
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August 29, 2009


Logo of Eenadu movie was launched at a function organized in Taj Banjara on the night of 29 August 2009. Kamal Hassan, Venkatesh, Chakri Toleti, Dasari, D Rama Naidu, Neelakanta, Bharat Teddy and Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao attended this function.

Dasari unveiled the logo of Eenadu.

Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao said, “We penned story and dialogues for Krishna’s Eenadu which was released in 1982. It didn’t have heroine and duets. It became a sensational hit for the political content it has. This Eenadu too is pretty much relevant to the society and this film too doesn’t have heroine.”

Dialogue writer Neelakanta said, “It is a memorable event for me to share stage with Kamal Hassan whom I admire since my college days. It is dream come true to be associated with him. It is an unusual subject. Venkatesh tried new pattern of role. Director Chakri handled the movie confidently.”

D Rama Naidu said, “I produced Indrudu Chandradu with Kamal Hassan and realised about his passion for movies. He did a 450-feet shot in that movie in a single take. It was a memorable film on our banner. Kamal Hassan called me recently and asked me to recommend Eenadu movie for him as Venky is hesitating a bit. I asked Venkatesh to do a film with Kamal Hassan even if it is a one-day work.”

Venkatesh said, “I was supposed to do Marmayogi movie in which I was to play a different and wonderful character. When Kamal Hassan asked me to do this movie, I wanted to do that role in both Telugu and Tamil version. But after completing the movie I am happy to have confined to Telugu screen. Most of my expressions and emotions in my movie career are inspired by Kamal Hassan. Kamal Hassan stands as an inspiration for most of us actors. Kamal Hassan told me that Eenadu is an honest and clever film and somebody got to break the path and asked me to do this role and I accepted. This movie will bring new change to Telugu film industry.”

Dasari said, “Eenadu will trigger the new beginning of Telugu cinema. Most of the people doesn’t know the fact that I was supposed to introduce Kamal Hassan in Telugu with my Kanya Kumari movie. I signed him and a week before the starting of movie, Kamal came and told me that his guru Balachandar was interested in introducing him in Telugu. I asked him to go ahead and do it. That film was Maro Charitra. It was a direct and straight Telugu movie. It was a huge sensation. Then they remade it in Hindi with Kamal as Ek Duje Keliye. This movie also created wonders in Bollywood. Kamal Hassan is an actor who has gone beyond regional bounds. I distributed Kamal Hassan’s latest movie Dasavatharam and it showcases Kamal’s extraordinary talent. Big heroes should start doing performance oriented roles after they reach certain age like NTR who did Bobbili Puli and Sardar Papa Rayudu. Those films ran purely because of extraordinary performances of heroes. I am happy to see Venkatesh accepting this different movie because there is lot of scope for performance. Chakri acted as child artist in my movie ‘Bhola Sankarudu’. He is a cute boy and I am surprised to know that he grew up to the level of directing a legend like Kamal Hassan. His father Thambu was a good writer and actor. I feel that it’s high time for Kamal Hassan to do a straight Telugu movie.”

My biggest hits were given by Telugu directors – Kamal Hassan
Kamal Hassan said, “I was supposed to get introduced in Telugu through Dasari’s movie. It was a painful decision to lose his movie. I like Dasari movies. I loved ‘MLA Edukondalu’ movie and wanted to act in Tamil remake. I liked political satire in it. I haven’t signed Chakri as director because he is the son of my dear friend Thambu. I signed him because Chakri is a qualified filmmaker. Greatest hits in my career were given by Telugu directors and Telugu audiences. I will do a straight Telugu movie very soon. Neelankanta did a good job with dialogues. I am sure of movie’s success because I am confident of Telugu audiences encouragement for good cinema.”

Director Chakri Toleti thanked the producer and actor for giving him the opportunity. Actor Bharat Reddy also thanked the filmmakers.

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