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Chintakayala Ravi press meet
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September 20, 2008


Unit members of Chintakayala Ravi, a Venkatesh starrer, today expressed happiness over the success of the audio and thanked music duo Vishal-Sekhar and lyricist Chandrabose. Made on Lakshmi Narasimha Productions, the film is produced by Nallamalupu Bujji and directed by Yogesh. Anushka and Mamta Mohan Das play the female leads. Currently, the last song is under canning on Venkatesh and Mamta Mohandas at Ramanaidu Studios, Hyderabad. A media briefing was held at the venue.

Romantic entertainer: Suresh Babu
D. Suresh Babu said: "We got tremendous response to almost all the songs equally. We specially thank lyricist Chandrabose and music duo Vishal-Sekihar. Chintakayala Ravi is completely an entertainment-based movie with out and out romantic genre. That's why we put the title as such. The story has universality in it. It could happen between Hyderabad and Mumbai, or Hyderabad and NY. Unlike the previous films of Venkatesh, we are expecting huge openings for the film as against the normal trend of Venky's films picking up in the second week, catching up with the family audiences. Quality of sounds, visuals and other technical values are bonus to the film."

Hopeful of repeat audience: Venkatesh
Venkatesh said: "After action-packed film Tulasi, this film Chintakayala Ravi comes with a complete change. The success of the audio, I hope, will help the screen performance of the film. I strongly believe that this film has excellent entertainment and the result would never be less than minimum guarantee. The sales of the audio are encouraging each passing day. The music is very fresh and liked by all sections of the music lovers. The entire industry and business makers with the film are extremely happy with the audio. I like melody and this aspect is fully found here. Songs are exceptional and they are like experiment with each song totally different from the other. The songs will be a visual treat to the audience, who will surely repeat watching the film. The film is laced with entertainment, humor and sentiment. I think for the first time I spoke too much here. Highlight is that we enjoyed the NY shoot very much."

The best album: Mamta Mohan Das
Mamta Mohan Das, a songster turned heroine, said: "Everybody knows that I am also a singer. Based on my experience, I found that all the songs are superb. It has become a Herculean task for me to identify the best among them. This way, for me the entire album of six songs is superb. I thank Chandrabose and Vishal-Sekhar for the extraordinary output."

Anushka said: "The audio sounds fresh with one hundred percent Teluguness. I am delighted to be working with Venkatesh garu."

Chandrabose said: "I took great care in penning the lyrics. They are not just dream songs but hold relevance to the story and come to thrill the audience as per the situations. I thank Vishal Sekhar for their dedicated score."

Producer Nallamalupu Bujji and director Yogesh were also present and shared their happiness over the success of the audio.

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Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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