Aadikeshava trailer: Mass makeover for Vaisshnav Tej

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20 November 2023

After missing the last weekend date, the trailer of Aadikeshava, spearheaded by Panja Vaisshnav Tej and Sreeleela, was finally released at AMB Cinemas, Hyderabad on Monday. The cast and crew of the film graced the occasion.

Running over two minutes and four seconds, the trailer opens with Balu (Vaisshnav Tej) an unemployed youth who dresses chic wandering without purpose. His parents worry about his future and want him to do a job, which perplexes him. “Dad wants me to work?” Balu tells his friend Sudha (Sudarshan). “These days parents have become lazy bro,” replies Sudha. Into Balu’s life, enters a beautiful girl played by Sree Leela and they hit it off instantly. Romance takes centre stage for a while, and things take a detour when a ruffian (Malayalam heavyweight Joju George) crosses Balu’s path. The ruffian calls himself a ten-headed Ravana. How Balu, who doesn’t think twice before helping out a person in need, battles with the ruffian and emerges victorious seems to form the crux of the story. The trailer ends with a chilling image of Balu lighting a cigarette with the help of a burning body which he has set on fire.

Overall, it seems to be the same thing but given a different spin by the debutant director Srikanth N Reddy. While he doesn’t give away much in terms of the plot, it’s obvious that he has given a mass makeover to Vaisshnav Tej who is at ease with romance, action and the emotional part. In some parts, he is mimicking his uncle Pawan Kalyan and it's endearing to watch. Sree Leela is pretty to watch and with Vaisshnav, they make a lovely pair. With banners like Sithara, Fortune Four and Srikara Studious at the helm, the production values are visibly rich.

A GV Prakash musical, Aadikeshava sails into cinemas on November 24.

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