Aarambham trailer: Intriguing and mysterious

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01 May 2024

The trailer of Aarambham, featuring Mohan Bhagath (C/0 Kancharapalem), Supritha Satyanarayan, Bhushan Kalyan and Ravindra Vjay, was dropped by the makers at an event in Hyderabad on Wednesday and it promises to be a mysterious thriller. Cinematographer-turned-director Ajay Nag V is making his directorial debut with the project.

Spanning close to three minutes, the trailer opens with our protagonist Khaidi No 299 (Mohan) escaping his confinement much to the shock of cops. The investigating authorities are dumbfounded when they learn that the prisoner had managed to flee whilst the doors are locked and the bars are not broken. The trailer later cuts to his flashback, which narrates his bond with a scientist who is chasing a mystery, in a picturesque hill station. The problems they get into because of it, as well how the investigating authorities crack the prisoner’s escape from the jail seems to form the crux of the story.

With breathtaking visuals, engaging narrative and evocative score, Aarambham, based on the Kannada novel Neenu Ninnolage Khaidi, promises to be a cinematic experience unlike any other. In fact it builds a lot of intrigue and suspense without giving much away. The performances are natural.

Produced by Abhishek V Thirumalesh under AVT Entertainment, with music by Sinjith Yerramilli, Aarambham, also featuring Laxman Meesala, Boddepalli Abhishek and Surabhi Prabhavathi, is set to sail in cinemas on May 10.

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