Buddy trailer promises a high-octane action drama

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25 June 2024

The trailer of Allu Sirish-starrer Buddy was released by the makers at an event at AAA Cinemas, Hyderabad on Tuesday and it promises to be a whimsical adventure laden with dollops of humour and sizzling action.

Nearly two-and-a-half minutes in duration, the trailer opens with a teddy bear squaring off against a security cordon for reasons unknown. Teddy is later shown requiring the help of someone for completing a mission and the only one who can assist him is Aditya Ram (Allu Sirish), a pilot. Aditya gets a stylish introduction as beats some miscreants to the pulp. An air traffic control (ATC) officer is in love with him. There’s a bad element Ajmal Amir who says he lost a lot because of Aditya Ram. While the plot remains inconclusive (maybe that’s the ploy of the director), towards the end there’s a shot of Teddy attacking his rivals with an M2 Browning machine gun similar to that of Kamal Haasan in Vikram. The trailer concludes with a faceoff between Aditya and Ajmal in a cargo flight mid air.

Overall, the trailer seems to revolve around the strange bond between a teddy bear and its friend, promising to deliver a thrilling cinematic odyssey while being loaded with high-octane action and healthy humour. Allu Sirish is neat, while Ajmal seems to have aced the villainy act. The romantic track between Sirish and the ATC officer is refreshing to see.

Produced by KE Gnanavelraja and Aadhana Gnanavelraja under Studio Green Films, the film also features Prisha Rajesh Singh, Ali, Mukeshkumar, and Mohammed Ali among others. Directed by Sam Anton, it is a Hiphop Tamizha musical. It will open in theatres on July 26th.

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