'Businessman' 4K Collections Empower Hearts and Minds Through Mahesh Babu Foundation

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11 August 2023

'Businessman' 4K Collections Empower Hearts and Minds Through Mahesh Babu Foundation

In a nostalgic turn of events, the Tollywood industry's trend of re-releasing classic films has once again garnered attention, this time with Mahesh Babu's iconic hit "Businessman" was re-released in theaters on the occasion of the actor's birthday and has now etched its name in the record books.

Harking back to the roots of this trend, it was Superstar's blockbuster "Pokiri" that initially set the wheels in motion for revisiting cinematic gems from the past.

In a remarkable achievement, "Businessman" has surpassed all expectations among re-releases, amassing a staggering worldwide gross of 5.31 crores which is an All time Record. This outstanding feat once again underscores Mahesh Babu's enduring box office prowess and unwavering popularity. His ardent fanbase has shown their admiration through a heartwarming gesture by deciding to donate the 4K collections of "Businessman" to the Mahesh Babu Foundation.

The gesture is nothing short of inspiring as these contributions will aid in funding heart operations and providing educational scholarships to deserving schoolchildren. This move showcases not only the dedication of Mahesh Babu's fans but also their commitment to making a meaningful impact on society.

The re-release of "Businessman" stands as a testament to the timelessness of its narrative and Mahesh Babu's indomitable star power. As the film continues to weave its magic on the big screen once again, its newfound success in the re-release sphere adds another illustrious chapter to the storied career of both the actor and the film itself.

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