Telangana CM Revanth Reddy makes an appeal to the film industry

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02 July 2024

Telugu film industry side should raise awareness over drugs control and cyber crimes, Telangana chiefminister Revanth Reddy observed. “The videos related to such awareness programmes should betelecasted in theatres. Such theatres will only get licenses to run in the future,” Revanth noted. He wasspeaking at the Telangana Command & Control Centre in Hyderabad on Tuesday. He even extendedthanks to megastar Chiranjeevi for participating in a video in the drug epidemic awareness programme.

“This is my advice to the prominent people of the film industry. You come to us to get a GO to increaseticket fares for the release of your new films but we believe that you are not acting dutifully when itcomes to social issues like cyber crime and drug control. I’m issuing an advice to my officers. From nowon whoever applies for ticket fares to be increased, they should do awareness videos about drugs usageand cyber crime. They (the makers) should ensure that the stars of their films partake in it. It’s anhonorable demand. Irrespective of the stature of the individuals, only if they get to do a couple ofvideos, they will get consent for the ticket hike. Because they are taking a lot from the society; theyshould also give something in return. It’s their responsibility. Filmmaking is business. But the makersshould have social responsibility as well. The society will cease to exist if we don’t put an end to drugmenace and cyber crime. This is our only condition. When filmmakers approach police for shootpermission, the cops should inform them about our condition,” Revanth said.

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