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07 July 2024

Priyadarshi’s effortless comic timing takes centre-stage in the trailer of upcoming film Darling, unveiled by actor Vishwak Sen at an event in Hyderabad on Sunday.

Two-and-a-half-minute in duration, the trailer opens with a school going Priyadarshi replying to his teacher that he wants to marry a nice girl and take her to Paris for honeymoon when asks his aim in life. In fact, he is so determined to go to Paris that he decides to apply for a passport only after he ties the knot. A character played by Nabha Natesh ridicules him, saying that he hasn’t taken a single decision for himself in his life. Hurt by this, he pops the question of marriage to her and guess what? She agrees. On their first night as they try to seal their relationship with a kiss, something unexpected happens, much to the shock of Priyadarshi. She slaps and punches him. His friends later say she is possessed by an evil spirit but he later understands that she is suffering from split-personality disorder. His life turns into chaos because of her wife’s condition. To know more, we have to watch the film when it releases on July 19th.

Rounding up, the trailer promises paisa vasool entertainment with Priyadarshi in a role which has heavy comic undertones. His character chronicles his travails after discovering that his just wed wife is suffering from a health condition, offering a bagful of laughs. With Nabha for company and in a role which has layers, their chemistry is cracking. Darshi’s scene in a car where he explains to his wife how to differentiate the three characters played by Vikram in Aparichitudu is simply ROFL and it seems the film has many more such gems to offer. Vivek Sagar’s peppy music seems to complement the theme of the film well.

Also featuring Brahmanandham, Moin, Shiva Reddy, Muralidhar Goud, Kalynee Raj, Sunitha Manohar, Mullapudi Rajeshwari, Abhignya, Jeevan, Krishna Teja, Vishnu, Sanjay Swarup, Raghu Babu, Priyanka, Swapnika and Sivaranjani, Darling is written and directed by Aswin Raam, while Hanuman producer Niranjan Reddy and his wife Chaitanya have produced it.

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