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11 May 2024

The creators of Indrani are thrilled to present Happy and Time Machine, two 3D robots with generative artificial intelligence. Because they support and guide Indrani while she is executing her mission, both characters are vital to the plot of the movie.

While finalising the movie script in 2021, director Stephen Pallam saw the significant role that generative artificial intelligence (A.I.) will play in futuristic technology, and he appropriately constructed these two characters. He said that there would be over 250 Happy shots and about 75 Time Machine shots in the movie, and that it has taken many months to polish every last detail, from the creation of the 3D models to the animations and dubbing voice selection.

The creators are really optimistic that these characters, which they have never seen in an Indian movie before, would be crucial in keeping children and other audience segments entertained throughout the entire picture.

Starting on June 14, 2024, audiences can be assured that they will witness an outstanding visual extravaganza in addition to an exhilarating roller coaster of emotions.

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