Mini Glimpse of ISF Headquarters from Indrani

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26 April 2024

Makers of film Indrani: Epic 1 - Dharam Vs Karam are excited to reveal the mini glimpse of Indian Super Force (ISF) Headquarters building from the year 2122 A.D.

Indrani is a fictional futuristic science fiction film in which ISF is an organization which is setup in future by the Government of India and plays a key role in handling international border security and geo-political issues of the world. Makers have mentioned that Indrani is one of the many superheroes who work for this organization.

Makers have mentioned that there are more than 1500 VFX shots in the film and several international VFX studios around the world have contributed to making the director’s vision a reality.

In the coming days, makers are planning to release several mini glimpses of the sets and 3D AI characters from the film.

This futuristic sci-fi, action, drama and commercial entertainer is scheduled for release on May 24, 2024.

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