Indrani trailer promises a superhero tale set in the future

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2 June 2024

The trailer of Indrani, featuring fairly new faces in the lead, was dropped on Sunday and it is a ride to a futuristic world.

Beginning with a cityscape of cybercity in the distant future, the near three-minute long trailer opens with India getting a permanent seat in the US Security Council. As a result of this, the onus of maintaining global peace and security now rests with India. To realize this, the PM of India approves unlimited funding to a new organization called Indian Super Force (ISF). Later, taking the help of cutting-edge technology, India’s first super woman is created and handed over to ISF. Things take a turn when 100 years of karma begins to wage a war against Dharma, resulting in a new world war. Into this volatile situation, ISF stands up and fights against the adversaries. The trailer ends with the voice of chief soldier of ISF, Indrani, who says she is not Jhansi ki Rani to be backstabbed but India ki Rani, Indrani.

In conclusion, Indrani trailer holds the promise of delivering a blend of Indian and futuristic sci-fi elements complete with some eye-catching effects, striking visuals and adrenaline-fueled action. Sai Karthic’s background score has a hangover of Avengers theme music but seems to complement the film’s superhero theme well.

Featuring Yaaneea, Ankita, Ajay, Kabir Singh, Shataf Figur, Saptagiri, Franiata, Garima, Sneha Gupta, Sunaina, Rishika and Tanushree, Indrani, written, produced and directed by Stephen Pallam, flies into cinemas on June 14th.

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