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10 June 2024

Exhale, internet. On Monday, the makers of much-awaited Kalki 2898 AD dropped the trailer and oh boy– magnificent would be an understatement to describe it.

Three-minutes long, the trailer opens with a dystopian society with visuals of orphaned children talking about Kashi, the last city of the world. A boy sees a mammoth structure hanging in the air and says water is right up there. A character played by Rajendra Prasad, in a complete makeover, retorts, “Earth has been looted completely, so everything will be there.” There’s something called Complex and its head is Supreme Yashkin (maybe Kamal Haasan), who is presumably the dark force here. The trailer then introduces Amitabh Bachchan as Ashwatthama who believes he needs to protect just one individual. Deepika Padukone is introduced soon after and there’s a layer of mystery surrounding her character. Ashwatthama, however, treats her with great respect. One minute into the trailer, Prabhas is finally introduced as Bhairava, a happy-go-lucky chap who has a love interest (Disha Patani), but then, according to her, he likes himself more than anyone. As the trailer progresses, we get to see Ashwatthama and Bhairava engaged in a fierce battle– over Deepika it seems. And surprise, surprise, we get to see a glimpse of yesteryear actress Sobhana as well. And is it Kamal Haasan who gets the last line of the trailer? Because he looks unrecognizable.

The visuals are truly stunning and while we are not sure what’s really going on in terms of the story, the trailer looks super engaging and interesting. The trailer moves on to adrenaline pumping scenes– hand-to-hand combat scenes, explosions, bullets flying and chases– there’s a bit of everything. Overall, you will have no complaints watching this trailer which has elements of thrill, action, drama and romance. The cast seems to have required putting in that extra effort to look the part and also to bring the action alive on screen. There’s so much to look out for–Prabhas’ chemistry with Deepika and Disha, the larger than life visuals, Kamal Haasan’s demonic avatar and of course Nag Ashwin’s direction.

Kalki 2898AD, a sci-fi drama which intertwines futuristic elements with Hindu mythology, is a Santosh Narayanan musical, and is scheduled to release on June 27 later this month. It’s an Aswini Dutt production under his esteemed Vyjayanthi Movies banner.

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