Ulaga Nayagan Padmashri Kamal Haasan Inaugurates Superstar Krishna Garu's Statue in Vijayawada

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10 November 2023

This morning in Vijayawada, a historic ceremony unfolded as Kamal Haasan inaugurated the statue of the legendary actor, Superstar Krishna Garu. The event was a poignant tribute to the iconic figure whose influence on Indian cinema remains unparalleled. The dignified presence of Kamal Haasan, known as Ulaga Nayagan, added prestige to the occasion, reflecting the cross-cultural admiration for Superstar Krishna. Devineni Avinash, stood alongside, further emphasizing the significance of the moment.

The unveiling marked not only the celebration of a cinematic legend but also a recognition of the enduring impact that Superstar Krishna Garu has had on the film industry. Fans and well-wishers gathered to witness this momentous occasion, expressing their reverence for the legendary actor.

The ceremony symbolized a bridge between generations, as the statue stands as a timeless testament to Superstar Krishna Garu's contribution to the world of entertainment. The morning's events in Vijayawada served as a reaffirmation of Superstar Krishna Garu's everlasting legacy.


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