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14 November 2022

Superstar Krishna, who was admitted to Continental Hospitals at 2 am on Monday, is in a critical state, the hospital MD Dr Guru N Reddy said to the media at around 12:30 noon on Monday. “He came to our emergency ward in an unconscious state. He had a cardiac arrest. We revived him after performing 20 minutes of CPR. He was admitted to the ICU later. He is stable there. A team of doctors are on him. We can’t tell the outcome right now. We are giving him the best treatment possible and performing all tests. In the next 24 hours, we will get to see whether there is an improvement or not,” the doctor stated.

Appealing for Krishna’s family privacy, the doctor added, “The most important thing is that he is in a critical state. We are serving by gathering all that is needed. He is on a ventilator now. The next health bulletin will be around the same time tomorrow. However, if there is an enormous change in his condition, we will inform the media much earlier than 24 hours.”

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