Manchu Manoj’s glimpse from Mirai: A no-nonsense assassin

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20 May 2024

The glimpse of Manchu Manoj as The Black Sword from Mirai was dropped on Monday as the actor rang in his 41st birthday and dare we say he looks like a man on a mission.

The one-minute-15-second glimpse opens with a character speaking about The Black Sword “who is the most dangerous force in the world”. We then get to see a back shot of Manoj aka The Black Sword in black attire with hood standing amid a pool of dead bodies. He is a one-man army who can take on multiple trained men and pin them down with effortless ease. We later get to see a close up shot of Manoj after he swings a man into the air with his sword as he holds on to the pose with a stern gaze. With a big mane, beard and stylish glasses, he looks to make a comeback that is worth talking about.

Overall, the glimpse is powerful, stylish and catches your attention instantly. Manoj seems to have gone for a makeover from head to toe and it is interesting to see him play out a supporting character. The background score by Gowra Hari adds to the intensity and heightens the impact of The Black Sword as a no-nonsense assassin.

Written and directed by Eagle fame Karthik Gattamneni, Mirai, co-starring Teja Sajja and Ritika Nayak, will be released in multiple languages- Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam languages on April 18th next year. TG Vishwa Prasad is producing it under People Media Factory.

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