Music Shop Murthy trailer evokes a plethora of emotions

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1 June 2024

The trailer of Music Shop Murthy, fronted by Ajay Ghosh and Chandini Chowdary, was dropped on Friday and it promises to be an emotional roller-coaster ride sprinkled with a dash of humour.

Two-and-a-half minutes in duration, the trailer begins with Murthy (Ghosh) who runs a music shop which sadly has not many takers these days. He has a nagging wife (Aamani) at home who is unhappy with his business and wants him to open a cell phone shop instead. She is desperate for him to move on with the times while he is still stuck in the past. “I only know music. If I need to earn something, it should come from this music,” he states. The trailer then cuts to a hep DJ played by Chandini Chowdary, who impresses Murthy. He soon joins her to learn the tricks of DJ-ing. Unfortunately, this new found passion of his has an effect on his marriage. Undeterred though, he moves on as he faces setbacks and humiliation to land his maiden jig as a DJ in Hyderabad. What follows is a high dose of drama laden with dreams, aspirations and sweat-and-blood of Murthy.

Overall, the trailer evokes a plethora of emotions and promises to paint the inspiring journey of a middle-aged man who dares to dream. The dialogues are heart-touching, while the background score accentuates the emotions. It’s obvious that Ghosh has sunk his teeth into the character, showing the aspirations and vulnerability with dexterity, while Aamani and Chandini are neat.

Also featuring Amit Sharma, Bhanu Chandar and Dayanandh Reddy, Music Shop Murthy bows out in cinemas on June 14. Written and directed by Siva Paladugu, it is a joint production venture between Harsha Garapati and Ranga Rao Garapati. Pavan is the music composer.

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