Naresh announces wedding with Pavitra Lokesh

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31 December 2022

Senior actor Naresh Vijaya Krishna has finally made it official. The actor, who has been in a steady relationship with Kannada and Telugu actress Pavitra Lokesh for over a couple of years now, on Saturday said he will be walking down the aisle with her in the New Year.

Taking to Twitter, he attached a small video indicating the same and shared, “New Year New Beginnings Need all your blessings From us to all of you #HappyNewYear- Mee PavitraNaresh.” The video also shows Naresh cutting a cake amid candles, with the duo exchanging a slice of it to each other. It concluded with both of them kissing each other, while indicating they are ‘Getting Married Soon’.

This would be the fourth time that Naresh will be getting hitched, while for Pavitra this would be her second marriage. Both are sought-after supporting names in Telugu and have also acted together in multiple films in the recent past.

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