Operation Valentine Received a U/A Certificate

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28 February 2024

Mega Prince Varun Tej will be seen as Wing Commander Rudra in his debut Bollywood film Operation Valentine. The film directed by Shakti Pratap Singh Hada is due for release tomorrow. This Telugu-Hindi bilingual received a U/A certificate from the censor officials.

They also have taken better care of locking the duration. 2:04 hours is the final run time of the movie, without opening and rolling titles. This indeed is a perfect runtime for a movie of the genre.

Operation Valentine is an edge-of-the-seat patriotic film based on real incidents. The makers tried to show the real incidents in much possible realistic way. They had done intense pre-production before the shoot, which helped in controlling the budget. Although the movie was made on a moderate budget, the visuals were world-class.

The movie has rousing and breathtaking moments, laced with soul-stirring emotions. The thrilling background score will have an additional impact. The VFX is grand, considering the budget.

The Pulwama incident visuals will leave everyone with teary eyes and hearts heavy. The interval sequence, Pre Climax, and climax are extraordinary and well-designed.

It’s a must-watch film for every Indian to salute the courage of our IAF officers. We need to wait for a few more hours to witness the visual extravaganza on screen.

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