Pekamedalu trailer is a cauldron of emotions

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08 July 2024

The makers of Pekamedalu dropped the film’s trailer at an event in Hyderabad on Tuesday and it is a rollercoaster ride of emotions laced with a touch of humour.

Clocking nearly two minutes, the trailer opens with Laxman (played by Vinoth Kishan), a daydreamer who constantly boozes with his friends. He is married and has a son but is irresponsible. His wife Varalaxmi (Anoosha Krishna) wants him to settle down with a monthly job so that they can lead a better life but it falls on his deaf ears. He wants to move ahead in life with quick money and when he learns that a woman who has left her husband and children in the US to come down to Hyderabad, he befriends her. He introduces himself as an entrepreneur to her and later they hit it off. On the other hand, his wife, to make ends meet, opens a curry point shop. Soon Laxman’s world comes crashing down as he sees himself land in a world of problems and his marital life too is on the verge of a collapse. At one point, he takes loans from others on his wife’s name which leads to her wrath.

A subtle yet important message conveyed through humour is the best way to sum up the trailer, which packs in a lot of drama with its short duration, promising an emotional entertainer that can resonate with youngsters who want to climb up the ladder in life through shortcuts. Vinoth represents such youth with dexterity and poise, while Anoosha Krishna is first-rate as a helpless wife who is frustrated with her husband yet takes things in her hand. Smaran Sai’s music oscillates from being peppy to dramatic, keeping in view the different beats of the trailer. The writing looks sharp and piercing.

Written and directed by first-timer Neelagiri Mamilla, Pekamedalu is a production venture of actor Rakesh Varre under Crazy Ants Productions and it opens in cinemas on July 19th. The film’s screenplay has been written by Hamza Ali, Sreenivas Ittam and Neelagiri Mamilla, while the lyrics and dialogues have been penned by Bhargava Karthik.

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