India’s biggest screen at Prasads
Avatar - The way of Water will open with the 3D glasses

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23 November 2022

This Friday, the film goers in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad will get to experience a screen of Prasads Multiplex in all its new glory. Touted to be the largest screen of the country, the screen number 6 is 64 feet in height and 101.6 feet in width. It was made for the popular multiplex by StrongMDI, a Canada-based projection screen manufacturer. It is also equipped with the latest Dolby Atmos sound system and Dual-laser 4k projection.

A source close to the management tells us, “Prasads management is planning to conduct a presser shortly and launch some trailers for media persons to get a feel of the newly revamped screen. Ramesh Prasad, the chairman of the group, will be speaking about the salient features of the screen. The management has acquired high-end 3D glasses– each of which costs four thousand– from abroad to project 3D films. The experience on these glasses will be something new to the viewer. They are a first of its kind in the Indian market. While James Cameroon’s highly-anticipated Avatar- The way of Water will open with the 3D glasses, on Friday though it will be business as usual for screen 6, screening regular films.”

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