Prasanna Vadanam trailer is super engaging

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27 April 2024

The trailer of Prasanna Vadanam, starring Suhas, is out and it promises to be a mystery thriller laced with a dash of romance and action.

The two minutes 17 seconds trailer introduces Surya (played by Suhas) as someone who is suffering from a rare medical condition called face blindness – a condition in which individuals are unable to easily and accurately recognize others by their faces. He lands in a world of problems due to the condition – some give us laughs, while others generate pity on him. In fact, his love life also gets affected due to it. Viva Harsha, his friend, warns him that if he continues to help people, he is not far away from landing in big problems. His prophecy turns out to be true as Surya is later embroiled in a crime case riddled with violence and dangers and what next seems to form the crux of the story.

Overall, the trailer is super engaging and assures a riveting thriller packed in with a lot of surprises and black humour. Suhas is being Suhas, effectively underplaying the character while Payal Radhakrishna is a breath of fresh air. The background score by Vijay Bulganin adds to the suspense.

Directed by Arjun YK and jointly produced by Manikanta JS and Prasad Reddy TR, Prasanna Vadanam will hit the screens on May 3rd.

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