Ram Charan on RRR, Naatu Naatu and becoming dad soon

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23 February 2023


As a part of RRR’s re-release in the US next month, Ram Charan interacted with Good Morning America this week, throwing light about the film, Rajamouli, Naatu Naatu and his first baby. Breaking down the film to the host, Charan said, “It’s about great friendship, great brotherhood, camaraderie and the relationship between Ramaraju and Bheem. I think it’s one of the finest writings of my director Rajamouli. He is known as the Steven Spielberg of India.” When the host chimed in, saying it’s a big compliment, Charan said, “Everybody knows him there in India and I hope that he is gonna make his way to global cinema very soon with his next film.”

When one of three hosts wanted to know about Naatu Naatu winning Golden Globe, nominated for Oscars and the reason it hooked people to its infectious energy, Charan replied, saying the song is a tribute to Indian cinema. “It’s the first film to win a Golden Globe in 85 plus years of Indian cinema. It’s the first time the Academy has recognized an Indian song. It also won multiple other critic awards. It is not just RRR; I think it's Indian cinema and Indian technicians who are being honoured. Just when we thought we achieved everything in India and we want to move on to the next project, man, the West showed us that it’s just the beginning.”

When Dr Jennifer Ashton, who was one of the hosts, wanted to know if he has any new dad fear as he is going to become a dad soon, Charan said, “All the years when we didn’t plan, I was pretty available to my wife. Right now, I’m packing and unpacking so much. So doc thank you, I’m glad I met you. I will be taking your number. My wife is going to be in the US for a while.” Ashton chimed in, “Perfect. Listen, I’m available to travel with you all over the world.” To which, Charan replied: “All the Indian viewers, she is the most famous gynecologist in the US.” Responding to it, Ashton said “it will be my honour to deliver your first baby”.



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