Star Wars director introduces RRR at a special screening in LA

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10 January 2023

Hollywood heavyweight JJ Abrams, the director of global box-office smashes like Mission Impossible 3 and sci-fi films like Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015), and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019), introduced SS Rajamouli and his film RRR to the turnout at the Chinese Theatres, LA, where the film was specially screened sometime back.

“Director @ssrajamouli was just introduced to the crowd by @jjabrams and the fans brought down the house!! Over 900 fans are about to watch #RRRmovie followed by a Q&A! Let’s go!” posted IMAX theatre on Twitter.

Rajamouli took the opportunity to share a cute story about how JJ was on board to introduce the film. “A few weeks back I went to the Governor's Award ceremony. My PR team pushed me there. There were so many celebrities and I was trying to hide in some corner because I felt so out of place. And Josh (part of the PR team) was trying to push me around and suddenly we saw JJ Abrams. Josh asked me whether I know him. Of course I know of him but I don’t know him (personally). He said, ‘Come let’s meet him’. I was feeling embarrassed but he took me to JJ and he introduced me as the RRR director. Luckily, he already saw the film. He had so much praise for the film. I was so happy. We had a long conversation about how the film was made; he mentioned about the number of shooting days I shot and how we shoot films in India. We exchanged numbers and mail IDs. When we planned this screening, my son Karthikeya said, ‘Shall we ask JJ to introduce the film?’ I was like, ‘It’s too big. I can’t do it. It is very embarrassing. It is so wrong. I can’t do that’. He insisted, so I mailed JJ.”

Addressing the turnout, Rajamouli also said, “To everyone who hasn’t seen the film, I apologize on behalf of those who have seen the film. They’re a rowdy bunch.”

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