Sabdham teaser promises a spine-chilling experience

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12 April 2024

The teaser of Aadhi Pinisetty-starrer Sabdham debuted online on Friday and it promises to send chills down your spine with its unique plot and unsettling locations. The film marks Aadhi and director Arivazhagan teaming up more than 15 years after the successful Vaishali (Eeram in Tamil).

Clocking in at one-and-a-half minute, the teaser opens with a woman committing suicide by jumping off what seems to be a college building. Cut to the next frame, we are introduced to our protagonist Aadhi who is an expert in recording sounds. He is on the job at places wherever sinister incidents prevail. While Arivazhagan chooses not to reveal anything in terms of the plot, he, however, heightens the drama with his fast cuts, atmospheric cinematography and locations. Multiple characters are soon introduced and we also get to see Aadhi losing his cool at one point.

The teaser is simply put, perfect; just showing enough of the film’s creepiest moments. Without giving anything away, it gets scarier and scarier, assuring a nerve-racking experience. The background score by Thaman is suspenseful, while the sound design adds to the tension and terror.

Also featuring Simran, Laila, Lakshmi Menon, Redin Kingsley, MS Bhaskar, and Rajeev Menon, Sabdham has no release date attached yet. G Films Siva and Aalpha Frames are producing the movie together, with S Banupriya Siva serving as the co-producer.

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