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12 November 2022

With her Friday release, Yashoda, opening to a good initial, Samantha, who shouldered the film, is on cloud nine. Taking to Instagram on Saturday, the actress thanked her trainer Junaid Shaikh for not letting her give up, while adding that he is one of the few who has seen her during her lowest of lows.

Addressing Junaidh, she wrote in her Instagram post, “The last few months you have been among the few people who has seen it all.. my lowest of lows… through the weakness, through the tears, through the high dose steroid therapies… through it all. You didn’t let me give up.. and I know you won’t let me ever give up. Thankyou.”

In fact, the trainer got Sam her favourite dessert Jalebi to celebrate Yashoda's successful run. “@junaid.shaikh88 has never ever thought I did enough to deserve my favourite Jalebi. But today he did, to celebrate Yashoda’s success and especially the action scenes (sic),” she wrote further.

Directed by filmmaker duo Hari Shankar and Harish Narayan, Yashoda tells the story of a young woman (played by Samantha) who is caught in a surrogate racket. Sivalenka Krishna Prasad produced it under Sridevi Movies.


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